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Today I take my precious, adorable and mostly-perfect son to meet with a geneticist at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. I don’t have much to say about that right now because, well, I haven’t been. But I’m hoping the visit will go something like this:

Dr: My. I’ve never seen such a perfect child.
Me: I know. I’ve been telling people that for… oh, say five months now.
Dr: I don’t need to run any more tests on him. You can go home now. But first can I get his autograph?
Me: I don’t see why not. I’ll bring him back when he learns how to write.
Dr: Oh that would be great!

We would then go grab a coffee and discuss how freaking awesome my son is. Somehow I don’t think that’s exactly how it’ll all shake out.

We’re having to do this because back in early December J started having these episodes while nursing where he would shake fairly violently. He’s had an MRI, an EEG, a CT Scan, and a shit ton of urine and blood tests. The urine tests showed an excess of a toxin that if it builds up to certain levels can cause brain damage and neurological problems. J’s levels are pretty low, though. And we THINK it’s because my B-12 levels are low. (Sidebar: Moms and other women… TAKE YOUR B-12!!!!) So I’m not as concerned today as I was in early December, but I still would rather be taking J to daycare than to another hospital.


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