Friday Funny

I just got an email from a good friend. This was her response when I told her I was excited about the snow but not as excited about potentially being stuck inside with my in-laws visiting all weekend. “A friend told me about how her husband was kind of a crab in the mornings and […]

Friday Faves

I’m lazy today. I’d like to share something really exciting and fresh and new with you guys but the truth is, I’m blankly staring out my window waiting for this promised snow to materialize. They’re calling for 2-5 inches. It makes me VERY excited. So I thought momentarily about saying Snow is my fave for […]

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  • I'm a divorced, single mom to a pre-schooler, a full-time attorney, and a semi-reluctant vegetarian. I work hard and when given the chance, I play hard... but I'm almost never given the chance.

    I think fart jokes are funny, I'm pretty sure magic is real, and my life long dream is to buy a farm and write a novel while watching horses run around at a respectable distance. (Because horses are scary up close. Seriously.)

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