Friday Faves

Posted on | February 26, 2010 | 1 Comment

Alright. I’m drop dead serious about this today. You HAVE to check these out if you like Indian food. Husband and I have become obsessed. We literally have seven jars in our cabinet.

Here’s what I love:

1. It’s so freaking easy. I cook the veggies or Husband cooks the meat and then we dump a jar on to simmer for ten minutes. So. Freaking. Simple.
2. It goes with EVERYTHING. I can do tofu or mixed veggies and Husband can saute up some chicken or
whatever meaty thing he decides.
3. All I have to do is throw some Basmati in the rice cooker and there’s a whole meal in like 15 minutes. And it feels like I’ve done something amazing because, well, it’s Indian food. And it tastes good.

I can’t get enough. I probably walk around smelling like Curry now but I’m okay with it. I strongly suggest you check these out if you have any desire to be awesome ever in your life. 🙂

Check them out at and thank me later. Or now if you want.


One Response to “Friday Faves”

  1. Diana
    February 27th, 2010 @ 4:36 am

    OMG. Seriously, I eat these all the time. DH thinks I'm a nut case. I lived in India for a month and became obsessed with their food. This is so close to home cookin' over there that I can't. stop. eating. it.
    Reason #247,432 I'm glad I found you.

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