Harriet and Alexander

Pick your poison. I had a Harriet the Spy vs. Alexander weekend. I don’t know if you are familiar with either, but Harriet the Spy was one of my favorite books when I was little. I think they later made it into a movie with Michelle Trachtenberg. Regardless, the book was all about a little […]

Valentine’s Day

Husband and I decided not to buy each other gifts today. Why? Because we already got each other the best gift ever. Today is J’s first Valentine’s Day, and in honor of that special occasion, and because I just don’t have a lot to say today, I’m going to dedicate this page to my precious little […]

Friday Funny

I just got an email from a good friend. This was her response when I told her I was excited about the snow but not as excited about potentially being stuck inside with my in-laws visiting all weekend. “A friend told me about how her husband was kind of a crab in the mornings and […]

Friday Faves

I’m lazy today. I’d like to share something really exciting and fresh and new with you guys but the truth is, I’m blankly staring out my window waiting for this promised snow to materialize. They’re calling for 2-5 inches. It makes me VERY excited. So I thought momentarily about saying Snow is my fave for […]

Snow Days

Those of you in North Carolina can understand this to an extent… think NC snow times 75. That’s what’s going on down here in good old Macon, GA. The weatherman announced today that we might get 1-3 inches of snow around lunchtime tomorrow. Dear. Lord. CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD! At 4pm today… that’s right… today… […]

Feeling the Fail

I feel like there is a giant FAIL on my forehead. Why? First, because I gave J formula last night. I didn’t want to do it; I really wanted to make it to six months with no supplements and I was just 12 days shy of that goal. I know I should be proud of […]

Beastie Boys got NOTHING on my kid…

Last night was… phew. Where to begin. J has officially given up sleep. And I don’t mean in a cute or trendy “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” kind of way. He just will. not. sleep. Last night we both went to bed at 8… an hour later than normal but he wasn’t having any of “Goodnight Moon” and woe […]

It’s a Hard-Knock Life…

In the words of a certain red-headed orphan, “yesterday was plain awful.” And yes, Daddy Warbucks, you CAN say that again. Turns out J has daycare crud plus an ear infection… so that explains why I’ve now been up for 72 straight hours. (Give or take the few moments where I passed out standing up.) […]

Oh What a Monday

I promise I will post something interesting later. But for now I’ll just say that J and I have been up since 4ish. He is now sleeping in my arms but when he’s awake, he’s screaming. We’ll be calling the doctor when they open. Happy Monday!

Facebook and old friends

Forgive me for being a little nostalgic this morning. I was up… a lot … last night. First, because I was reconnecting with a old friend on the telephone for the better part of an hour and half, and second because J is sick and unhappy. But today I want to focus on the first. […]

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