J with Great-Granny

My father’s mother will be 94 on Monday. She is, quite simply, everything a Southern grandmother (who isn’t Paula Deen) should be… she is hilarious, feisty, a phenomenal cook, and most importantly, she loves her family fiercely. I love her so much and I’m so grateful to be able to share these types of small […]

We arrived… and may never leave

So…. Hi! Welcome to North Carolina, folks. And what a trip it’s been. Dear God, the drive. Just remembering the drive makes me want to break out in hives… especially since I have to do the whole thing again in just a few days. (Eliza, I saw that you’re traveling this weekend… I’m sending lots […]

Road Trip Day One

So I lied. I have a little time this morning before we head out… again… and thought I’d check in. My mother made the brilliant suggestion that I leave last night and drive up to my in-laws house. GENIUS! It shaves 2 hours off the trip today. I’ll tell you what wasn’t genius… driving two […]

Road Tripping With Baby

For those of you interested, I went to the doctor yesterday and found that I am the proud “owner” of a massive urinary tract infection. I feel like the poo I threw around the nursery yesterday morning. But enough about that. That’s not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to talk […]

The one where I admit to being a monkey…

Well, this week has already gotten off to a fantastic start. Yes, that was sarcasm. (Sidebar: When will someone create sarcasm font?!?!) First things first, I had a back ache all weekend. At one point it was so bad that I had to sit down while Husband and I were at the mall. LIKE AN […]

Pregnancy is wonderful and other lies your mother told you…

I am in the process of forgetting my pregnancy. This must be the case because lately when I see pregnant women I think to myself “Awww, she’s pregnant! How sweet and wonderful!” If you knew me when I was pregnant that statement would make you laugh. It worries me that I’m forgetting my pregnancy because […]

In the Midst of Madness…

Some mornings just don’t work. If you’re a working woman (or man) you know what I mean. (and that includes Stay at Home Moms… you just work at home). You don’t get any sleep, the coffee maker is broken, there’s nothing to eat in the house, your hair won’t fix the way it usually does, […]

The joy of teething?

On Saturday, I was the proud parent of a happy, adorable, fun to be around 7.5 month baby. He played hard all day and even went to the office with Husband and I so Husband could help me tear through the massive stack of filing my secretary left behind. (Side note? I still hate Mike […]

The Bags We Carry

I’m not a purse person. There. I said it. I have friends who have virtual crates of Vera Bradley bags stashed under their beds… I’ve never seen the appeal. A bag is just a bag to me. A means to an end. Husband got me a Coach purse when I graduated law school… don’t get […]

Who would have thought Breathing would be so hard…

First, thanks for all the love yesterday and the “Go get ’ems” and all that. It is just my luck that after preparing all day for my hearing, I got a call just before 4pm saying it would be continued. I should have known that was coming. Either way, I’m now super prepared for it […]

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