Update on Bruising

The update is… I have no update. I don’t know what to do. I’m a “little” peeved because I took J into daycare this morning, talked to the assistant director and showed her the bruises and asked that she talk to his teacher about what might have happened. I was very nice and not accusatory […]

Hyper-vigilant Overreactor, party of me…

I might be a *bit* of a worry wart. And by “bit” I mean massively terrible, horrifyingly overprotective, and maybe a tad bit squeamish over all things painful and or scary. And that’s just when they involve me. When they involve my son? I’m out. of. control. Take yesterday, for example. I went to see […]

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  • I'm a divorced, single mom to a pre-schooler, a full-time attorney, and a semi-reluctant vegetarian. I work hard and when given the chance, I play hard... but I'm almost never given the chance.

    It's possible that I never outgrew 7th grade mentality, as I still laugh when anyone says anything that can be remotely construed as sexual. Let's face it, if you're not down with "That's what s/he said" at the end of almost any sentence, we're probably not going to get along all that well.

    I drink more than I should, I run more than I should, and I laugh as much as I can. So I'm pretty much winning at life.

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