Other Penguin Winner

True Random Number GeneratorMin: 1Max: 62 Result:41 Forgive me for not knowing how to put the actual picture of Random.org in my blog. If someone can show me how, I’d really appreciate it!  Either way, the lucky winner is KACIA!!! Which I find utterly hysterical given the fact that The Other Penguin fbook site told […]

Sunday Morning Blues

Yesterday I was up at 5 am. Yesterday was also Husband’s family reunion. Yesterday was also the day I stayed up until approximately 10:00 pm with a child who was overly tired and/or had an upset stomach. He proceeded to wake up every hour on the hour to faux-nurse (what I call latching on, eating […]

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  • I'm a divorced, single mom to a pre-schooler, a full-time attorney, and a semi-reluctant vegetarian. I work hard and when given the chance, I play hard... but I'm almost never given the chance.

    It's possible that I never outgrew 7th grade mentality, as I still laugh when anyone says anything that can be remotely construed as sexual. Let's face it, if you're not down with "That's what s/he said" at the end of almost any sentence, we're probably not going to get along all that well.

    I drink more than I should, I run more than I should, and I laugh as much as I can. So I'm pretty much winning at life.

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