Did You Say CAKE?

All I have to say for myself is “ugh.” Times a million. Just when things start looking up? Life throws a curve ball. And curve balls make me hungry. This time, my curve ball is in the form of J being sick. Again.  Seriously? Is my kid EVER going to be well for a full […]


Last night, while I was busily praising Husband on my blog for *gasp* folding laundry, Husband was… folding laundry. Only this morning I looked in the guest bedroom and all the laundry was still there. In a pile. Unfolded. Did someone sneak into our house and maniacally unfold all his hard work and dump it […]

"Late Night" with Law Momma

It’s 10:30 on Tuesday night and I’m still up. This may not sound like a feat of epic proportions, but I can assure you that it is. I haven’t stayed up this late since… I can’t remember when. Honestly, I don’t stay up late anymore because I cherish my sleep and have to score it […]

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things

If you’re new to this blog, you probably don’t know that I suffer from PPA and/or PPD. You probably don’t know that because I chose not to talk about it other than to put it out there once or twice and drop it. I didn’t want to really talk about it because it’s not something […]

And the Gold Medal Goes to….

I am a snot-sucking champ. I kid you not, if snot-sucking were an Olympic sport I swear to you I would medal… I’m just. that. good. A little squirt-squirt of saline, some quick finger action on the bulb… snot extraction success. Honest. If the only way to survive a nuclear holocaust was to snot suck, […]

I am a Dirty, Smelly Blanket

Last night, sometime around midnight, my Mother In Law made an astute observation. You know how Linus has his blue blankie? How some kids hold on to a soft bunny or teddy bear? And how even I had a shredded, stinky crocheted blanket as a baby? We call them “Loveys” or “blankies” or “Teddy” or […]

Cancer Sucks

I can’t write a lot about this because it will make me cry. An old and dear friend who I lost touch with over the years, recently connected with me on Facebook. She has a gorgeous daughter who is three months older than J. I was so happy to hear from her and so happy […]

There’s No Earthly Way of Knowing… What Direction We are Goooooing

The world looks different when you aren’t sleeping. Honest. I don’t suggest you try it, but if you’d like to know what I’m talking about, just stay awake for several days. Everything starts to take on a bit of a technicolor sheen… like you just stepped out of your house and into Oz. Green is […]

Duty Called!

Sorry about yesterday… I really meant to write, honest! J kept me up all night and at 6 am I took him into Husband and begged for mercy. Husband took him so I could score a full hour of sleep (WOO!) before I had to head out to my first full workers’ compensation hearing. You […]

Karing for Keegan

My hero, Joanna, over at Raising Madison, has taken it upon herself to help out a family in need. I know times are hard for all of us these days, but when I look at my son? I see a healthy baby. Not every parent can say that. Beth Chupp would give anything to say […]

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