Rambling On and On (and on…)

This weekend marked the end of a mini-era. On Saturday morning I packed up tiny shirts and pants, a bouncy seat, a jumperoo, a bazillion and three swaddle blankets, two tiny pair of shoes, a coat that looks like a teddy bear, and three play mats for infants. I packed them up in several big […]

They’re MY Boobs, Jack Hole

UPDATE: Apparently this article was written in 2006. That doesn’t make Rabbi Shmuley less of a schmuck but it does make me much less timely. I’ve never been on the cutting edge of anything so this should come as no surprise! I will, however, allow the Rabbi to semi-explain himself. You can read his response […]

Other Penguin Winner

True Random Number GeneratorMin: 1Max: 62 Result:41 Forgive me for not knowing how to put the actual picture of Random.org in my blog. If someone can show me how, I’d really appreciate it!  Either way, the lucky winner is KACIA!!! Which I find utterly hysterical given the fact that The Other Penguin fbook site told […]

Sunday Morning Blues

Yesterday I was up at 5 am. Yesterday was also Husband’s family reunion. Yesterday was also the day I stayed up until approximately 10:00 pm with a child who was overly tired and/or had an upset stomach. He proceeded to wake up every hour on the hour to faux-nurse (what I call latching on, eating […]

Husband and the Magical Super Selective Senses

I don’t get it. I love Husband dearly, but I do. not. understand how he works. Husband’s five senses and how they work are a complete and total mystery to me. I have talked before about his super selective hearing and how he’s able to completely “miss” J screaming at the top of his lungs […]

My (almost) Cousin Law Momma

I drove to Monticello, Georgia, this morning for what I hoped would be my first full Workers’ Compensation hearing. If you’re not familiar with Monticello, that’s alright… neither was I. It’s just another in a long line of small towns I travel to in the course of my job. Like most of the places I […]

Update on Bruising

The update is… I have no update. I don’t know what to do. I’m a “little” peeved because I took J into daycare this morning, talked to the assistant director and showed her the bruises and asked that she talk to his teacher about what might have happened. I was very nice and not accusatory […]

Hyper-vigilant Overreactor, party of me…

I might be a *bit* of a worry wart. And by “bit” I mean massively terrible, horrifyingly overprotective, and maybe a tad bit squeamish over all things painful and or scary. And that’s just when they involve me. When they involve my son? I’m out. of. control. Take yesterday, for example. I went to see […]

My son may be trying to give me heart failure

It’s tough getting back in the swing of things after a long weekend. I think it’s probably a good thing that I haven’t taken a full week off (other than maternity leave, of course) since my honeymoon. I don’t know that I’d be able to return to work! I’ve actually been at my office for […]

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