I’m Hanging up my Cow Bell

My days as a nursing mother are dwindling to a close. This means two things… one good and one bad. The good? I don’t have to pump at work anymore. And really, pumping at work is the reason why I’m almost done with nursing. At my old firm, I could shut my door, lock it […]

On the Road Again…

Well, I’m back on the road.  Husband, J and I are heading up to Atlanta so I can spend the next few days working out of our Atlanta office and getting to know the rest of the attorneys. I should be more excited, but really? I just want to go to Atlanta and get this […]

Momma’s Momma on … Momma stuff

I came home from work to find my mother in hysterics. In a good way. Apparently she was giving J his breathing treatment and turned on the television to entertain him. The only “kid friendly” programming she could find was Kung-Fu Panda on HBO… well, I’m assuming that’s what it was. She said it was […]

The "Lazy" days of Summer

Oh my God. I need a freaking massage. And a spa day. No, a spa MILLENNIUM. This has been the weirdest, most stressful, craziest, nuttiest, crappiest, awesomest July in the history of my life. And it’s not over yet, people. I mean, two weeks ago today, I accepted a new job and now here I […]

Two Words

Food Poisoning. And first day of new job.  I’ll write more later.

Sunday in the Garden of Good and Evil

Just a little Sunday breakfast… the first of many in the beautiful city of Savannah! Yesterday, Husband and I had a yard sale which made about $200, then J and I set out for Savannah where we hauled it to an apartment complex and filled out everything necessary to move in to a nice new […]

Where I’m From

Metta is hosting a Poetry blog-hop. And although I should be packing I really can’t pass up the opportunity to write poetry… or procrastinate. So here’s where I’m from… Stop over at her place, read the rules, and write your own slice of history! WHERE I’M FROM I am from the creaky porch swing.  From […]

The Road I’m Traveling

I am going to have to adopt an all liquid diet because everything I eat seems to get stuck on the giant lump in my throat caused by my impending move. I’m an honest to God nervous wreck. My office is cleaned out. All my lovely diplomas and framed pictures are in the back seat […]

Who wants to pack for me?

Where is my “Easy” button?? Honestly… can I just get one thing to fall seamlessly into place? Just when I started thinking everything was settled, my firm did a 180 and tried to get me to stay. It appears that we had a lot of miscommunications in our dealings on Tuesday. My response? So sorry. […]

Might As Well JUMP!

I am moving to Savannah. Oh my God. Just typing that made my head spin with lists and ideas and fear and excitement and yeah, maybe I just threw up in my mouth a little, too. Where do I even begin. It’s a little piece of my “vacation” that I had to leave out until […]

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