Two Words

Food Poisoning. And first day of new job.  I’ll write more later.

Sunday in the Garden of Good and Evil

Just a little Sunday breakfast… the first of many in the beautiful city of Savannah! Yesterday, Husband and I had a yard sale which made about $200, then J and I set out for Savannah where we hauled it to an apartment complex and filled out everything necessary to move in to a nice new […]

The One Where I Make The Recession my B$tch… sort of

We’re in a recession, right? A lot of people are unemployed and Husband and I were gearing up to enter into the unknown. We had discussed the fact that Husband would need to remain here, with our house, and his job until he found something in Savannah. To be honest, we didn’t know how long […]

Band of Mothers

I got an email from another mom a few days back and when I was typing up a response to her, something occurred to me. And let me say straight off the bat that I do not mean this to be disrespectful to the men and women who serve in the military. That being said, […]

Feed me, Momma!

Okay seriously. I need a handbook for my kid. I made it through all the crazy newborn stuff and the “seizures” and medical crap but I can. not. figure. this. out. It’s making me feel very incompetent. Let’s face it… nursing was easy. Now that J is more interested in actually… eating… I can’t figure […]

Where I’m From

Metta is hosting a Poetry blog-hop. And although I should be packing I really can’t pass up the opportunity to write poetry… or procrastinate. So here’s where I’m from… Stop over at her place, read the rules, and write your own slice of history! WHERE I’M FROM I am from the creaky porch swing.  From […]

Can I Borrow Some Anally Retentive People, Please?

I am knee deep into day two of my supposed “packing days” and I’ve managed to box up some coffee mugs, kitchen spices, margarita glasses, and almost one place setting of china. To say this is not going well is an understatement. It’s a disaster. I underestimated the number of boxes it would take to […]

The Lovely Metta Talks Balance (and lack thereof)

                                     I don’t want to say too much about Metta because if I start, I will never stop. She is… amazing. She’s struggling through first time mommyhood and working and I KNOW how hard that is. She does […]

Here’s to YOU former Employer!

I don’t normally post on Saturdays but I felt the need to apologize to my former co-workers in the event that any of them read this. I was bitter. I admit it. And all the little comments sort of made me question our decision to leave which I didn’t like… because decisions are hard for […]

The Road I’m Traveling

I am going to have to adopt an all liquid diet because everything I eat seems to get stuck on the giant lump in my throat caused by my impending move. I’m an honest to God nervous wreck. My office is cleaned out. All my lovely diplomas and framed pictures are in the back seat […]

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