The Party

This weekend was… amazing. And emotional. And, well… amazing. Both my parents and Husband’s parents were in town for J’s first birthday. I went a little crazy with the invites and would totally show them to you here, but they’re pretty much peppered with J’s name so it wasn’t an option. I digress. I went […]

My Son is One Today.

I wrote a birth story for J shortly after he was born. Rather than try and re-create how I felt right after his birth, I just put it up, verbatim. Only the names have been changed. I can’t believe my little boy is one. I can’t believe that this time last year, I was counting […]

Things I Wish My Husband Knew…

There are just some times when I’d like to throw a book at Husband. Which book I’d like to throw varies. Sometimes, it’s a small, leather-bound diary. Sometimes it’s the Holy Bible. And other times, it’s nothing more than the phone book. Today? Today I’d like to throw a special book at Husband. But first, […]

Hormonally Challenged

Everybody has off days. Days when you feel like everyone else on the planet has things SOOOOO much better than you. Days when you watch the uber thin, platinum blond secretary from across the hall fancy dance her way to her Lexus with her stupid perky boobs looking all… perky… in her designer outfit and […]

Toys R Me

J has a basket of toys. And I don’t mean one of those cute little Easter basket or Target soft box things. I’m talking about a full. on. laundry basket. And it is seriously overflowing. The child is not even one. He hasn’t even celebrated his first birthday, and presumably collected new toys… like this […]

You Can Call me J.C. Wyatt

I am setting this to post tomorrow morning at 7:00. I figure that’s a good time because it’s the exact time that I become, well, J.C. Wyatt. Should I rewind? Are we on the same page? Does this refresh your memory? I’ll rewind anyway. Two weeks ago my boss asked me if I could come […]

When Being Southern Sucks….

I am a lawyer. It’s true and it should come as no surprise to those of you who either read regularly or who comprehend English. (Law Momma = lawyer + Momma) But the thing is? I’m not THAT kind of lawyer. I didn’t go to law school and come out a hardened thought-process nazi (I […]

Somebody’s Got a Bad Case of the Mondays…

I’m tired. And I don’t mean in a “I haven’t slept in weeks” kind of way, although that is true, too. I mean that I’m just… tired. I feel totally run down and out of shape and just, well… tired. I feel spent. Like every ounce of energy I ever had in my life has […]

Savannah Stories

Shortly after my move to Savannah, the lovely Harmony at Baby To Go offered to share a story about her one-time visit to Savannah. I don’t even know what else to say… this story has it all. Road trips, hangovers, sisterly bonding, and… of course… Paula Deen. Enjoy!!  Savannah will always have a special place […]

Replaceable Me

For a while, I was really the only person J wanted to be around. And I complained about it. I said things like “I wish I could teach him to call for Husband when he starts talking” and “Can’t someone else make him happy for once?” And then I got my wish. All of a […]

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