Sisters, Sisters…

Most of you know, if you read this blog, that I have a sister. Not only do I have a sister, I have an awesome sister. I have a sister who makes me sad that other women don’t have sisters. She is so damn… eco-friendly. Honestly. She composts. She has chickens. She has a gigantic […]

Keeping up with the Parentals (or the one where I whine. Even more than normal)

When I was a kid, we never wanted for anything. That is not to say that my parents held parties where everyone came over and rolled around in money… we weren’t wealthy. We were comfortable. We had what we needed. My parents never seemed to be stressed about how to pay the doctor’s bill or […]

Mobility and the Man

Ever since J became, you know, MOBILE, my husband is having a hard time keeping up. I’m not really sure if it’s because he forgets that J can walk or just that he doesn’t want to bother himself with all that “child proofing” mumbo jumbo. Either way, I am doing more damage control than I […]

Work With Me.

My husband does a lot around the house. He really does. He is very good at helping out and doing things like laundry and dishes and even vacuuming. So why am I even complaining? Well, because that’s what I do. And although he is good at helping out, it seems to only be when I […]

Still. So. Tired.

Apparently lethargy is contagious. I don’t know who started it but between J and I, we’re like the little engines that can’t. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get, I am always craving more. And J is the same. He’s so tired that he falls asleep on the way to daycare in […]

Vacation Blues

Going on vacation changes everything.  I wish I could say that the relaxation and happy times made me realize how great my life is and yadda yadda yadda but that would be a blatant lie. My vacation made me realize just how much I miss on a daily basis and you know what? It sucks. […]

Just another Manic Monday

I’m sorry… I’m a slacker. I have so much to talk about but I’m knee deep in “work” after being gone for a day and a half. Remind me to never take a vacation again? I will post a recap of our travels later tonight along with some thoughts I have about how much it […]

It’s Road Trip Time again!

I am so glad it’s Thursday. There are several reasons why Thursday is my favorite day of the week, not the least of which is the fact that it is so close to Friday that the air even TASTES like the weekend. But today? It’s a little different. See, while I normally love Thursdays the […]

Rational Irrationality

I have a problem. Husband calls it lack of common sense but I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. I don’t really know what to call it, I just know that I could literally get injured in a padded room while wearing a big poofy robe and slippers. It’s a curse. Or a gift, if you’re […]

We’re in for it now…

We’re in uncharted territory over in the Law Momma household. Not only has J learned to walk… he has also learned several other new “tricks” that are all stacking up to make our lives a little more interesting. For example, yesterday afternoon I was busily cleaning house when I noticed that J was being very […]

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