True Confessions

I am not supermom. I know, that doesn’t really come as a huge surprise but I felt like I needed to just let it all out today. There are things I do not do that I should do. There are things that I do that I should not do. And sometimes I paint a glossy […]

National Novel Writing Month

So yesterday when I picked up J from daycare, I got this gem from his teacher: Apparently when she was changing his diaper he, um, had an accident. (read: he peed… everywhere). And when he started to pee, apparently he began saying… over and over… “UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!” She said she could […]

Tuesday Soapbox: Take a good look, American women… this is your future.

I was on twitter last night with one of my friends, Raising Madison, when she mentioned an alarming fact to me… a size 30 waist was considered, at least on one clothing site, to be “Plus size.” Here’s the problem I have with that fact…. real women have curves. We say that all the time, […]

Is it Monday already?

I came into a messy office this morning. My phone voicemail light was blinking like it’s life depended on it… seventeen messages. Awesome. My chair was stacked high with all the mail I received last week and last Monday’s coffee mug was still collecting dust in front of the computer. Somehow? I don’t think the […]

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