There are books scattered around the floor and I tripped over at least four blocks on my way to the kitchen. The dishwasher was full, the diaper genie was full, the trash can was full, the washer was full, the dryer was full, the clothes hamper was full and the refrigerator was… inexplicably … empty. […]

Cheap Seats

I’m not a high powered blogger. I don’t blog for sponsorships or money or advertisers or really for anything other than this intense and crazy need I have for someone, anyone to tell me that I am not alone. I blog to find out if I’m really crazy or only partially nuts. I blog to […]


Dear Lord, Blissdom. Where do I even begin? Honestly. I don’t know where or how to begin to describe the energy that is running through this hotel.  You wouldn’t believe me if I tried. And the best part? Women. Being nice to women they’ve never seen before. Women who may or may not look, act, […]

When I Grow Up…

When I was little, I had a lot of dreams. On any given day I wanted to be an actress, a pediatrician, a missionary, a politician, and a whole host of other things I can’t even remember.  I had big dreams.  As I got older, I remember thinking that people who got to travel and […]

McFatty Monday

Sometimes, you just have to tell the scale no thanks.  You have to give that beast the side eye and know in your heart that if you stepped on that scale, it would win. It would destroy you. That was me this morning. I walked into the bathroom, disrobed, and started to step on the […]


This morning, my drive to work was made a little more interesting by the fact that a thick cloud of fog hovered over everything. I could see about fifteen feet or less in front of me and the familiar buildings that line the streets were completely hidden. Crossing the bridge over to the mainland was […]

You’ll Just Know

When I was pregnant with J, I remember people telling me that I would “just know” when he was hungry or tired or sad or scared. I remember being told that it would just “come to me.” And I’ll be honest, during the first month (or maybe longer) of J’s little life, I wondered if […]


So you may remember back in October/November I was having a lot of health issues. If you don’t remember, well… I was having health issues in October/November.  My original treating doctor made me feel like a looney toon by referring me to a neurologist and all types of other crazy doctors for what amounted to […]


We still rock J to sleep. I know that raises a lot of eyebrows. There are a lot of babies who are younger than J who can just be placed in their crib with a little kiss on the forehead and they happily go to sleep. J is not one of those babies. He wants […]

Something in my Pocket….

I wasn’t in the mood to sit through a mediation today.  In fact, I wasn’t really in the mood to be at work. J wouldn’t go to sleep last night. Every time I’d try to rock him or snuggle with him, he would take his little feet and jab them into my ribs. So then […]

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