Midnight Movies

Around midnight last night, I was lying in my bed, snuggled up to my son and trying not to laugh as he pre-emptively danced to the music in Shrek 2.  He knows the movie by heart, so he starts to dance before the music even comes on. The moment was sort of cute, or it […]

Because I needed more Guilt

The United States recently published a study that makes me want to kick a senator in the gonads. I know it’s not the senators fault, but kicking people in the gonads might make me feel better. The study, found here, was conducted on the children of working mothers.  Yes. Working mothers. You know, the segment of […]

McFatty Monday: Ranting, no Raving

I am sad. I don’t really know how else to say it other than to just announce to the world that I am irrefutably, irreversibly sad.  And I don’t mean in a global, waaah, my life is so depressing kind of sad. I mean in a particular point a finger directly at the cause and […]

Vacation All I ever Wanted…

I may never go on vacation again. This week has almost killed me. I feel like my life was picked up, spun around, and placed face down in a pile of garbage the size of New Jersey.  I’ve been working so hard that my fingers type letters in my sleep.  My neck has a permanent […]

Writer Tribe

While at Blissdom, the #writertribe met. We sat around a table. We shared thoughts and ideas and words. We shared a lot of words. And at the end of the meeting, we were given a task… to write. To write our response to the following prompt: You are standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. Fog […]

Another Idol Bites the Dust

Yesterday, I witnessed something sad.  I attended a deposition where I was merely a spectator.  I was just there to learn and observe and take notes.  The other two attorneys were older and more experienced that me.  At least one of the attorneys I was quite familiar with and had seen speak on several occasions. […]


I love my son’s daycare.  I want to say that first because I don’t want my current fears and anxieties to be, in any way, a reflection of the place that provides his care.  I think they do a wonderful job and he is so happy there that he grabs his coat and waits at […]

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