Red Dress Club: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Red Dress Club: This week’s prompt is simple: write a piece, fiction or non-fiction, inspired by this delicious shot. Word limit is 600. I’d really appreciate constructive criticism on this and every piece I attempt! Thanks!!   She was pressed against the glass, dirt-stained fingers splayed out on both sides of her wide-eyed stare. “That […]

View from the Top

When I graduated from law school, I already had a job.  Not only did I have a job, I had a job in the city I already lived in, with people I already knew.  I was on top of the world. Every morning, I would put on my business casual attire and my snazzy heels and drive myself […]

You Might be A Mother if…

We’re quickly approaching the stage where it becomes brutally embarrassing to be a parent in public.  J is a little parrot but he can’t actually say things quite as well as he’d like and some of his words sound a bit… funny.  We’ve gotten some curious looks in public already and I have a feeling […]

Lessons in Domesticity

When I was growing up, for some reason I equated the ability to fold a fitted sheet with adulthood.  I thought that somewhere along the way, you learned the trick to folding those damn elastic sheets into something beautiful and flat like my Grandmother’s sheets and like the ones in my parents’ house. Only here’s […]

Is this what they call a mid-life crisis?

All my life I have believed that “old” is a state of mind.  I’ve always thought that you can just be “you,” whoever that is, forever. But lately? Lately I’m starting to wonder. I don’t feel very me anymore. I feel old.  I feel boring.  I feel like I don’t know who I am. Or […]

Momma Merit Badges

I think there should be merit badges for motherhood.  You know, like “You just Bathed Your Baby For the First Time Outside the Hospital” and maybe “You found poop on your work pants at 3pm.”  Imagine how sweet that vest would be when you looked back on all the firsts that you survived. I needed […]

Things that Annoy Me

I’m not functioning on all cylinders these days.  And it seems like the least little thing can annoy me to the point of stabbiness.  So, in honor of my annoyed state, I’m going to share with you a list of things that piss me off… in no particular order: 1. You know that saying about […]

Red Writing Hood: RemembeRED

I’m late.  I meant to post this yesterday but I just forgot.  This week’s prompt asked us to describe your favorite fruit or vegetable: the first time you tasted it, where it came from, where you were, what memories it brings. (also, as you’ll note, I cheated and did not describe my favorite fruit. Sorry!) […]

Tantrums and Judgey Strangers

I have a feeling the “twos” are going to be exceptionally terrible at my house. I don’t know who its going to be rougher on, me, J, or Husband.  Because see, we all have tempers.  All three of us.  Mine has been carved and cultivated since the ripe old age of two and Husband’s began […]


When I went to the store to rent a steam cleaner to clean my carpets after the poop fiasco and in the hopes of maybe enticing my child to remain healthy for longer than 24 hours, I had to sign and date a form.  It wasn’t until I saw the date in black and white, […]

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