For the majority of the two years that husband and I dated, we lived in separate cities.  There was always this grand anticipation of time spent together because it was so fleeting.  We kept in touch over instant messenger and telephone calls, but I lived for the moments when I’d look up from my books […]

The Waiting.

In Georgia, you can go from married to divorced in 31 days. Thirty-one days. The funny thing is, when a ring was placed on the fourth finger of my left hand, I started planning for a wedding.  I got married almost a year to the day after I was proposed to over dessert in the […]

For Giving

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time waiting tables.  If you’ve ever waited tables, you know that it is one of the most frustrating jobs you could ever do.  People take food very seriously.  People take lunch breaks very seriously.  In general, people take everything about eating very. effing. seriously.  And for whatever […]

Practically perfect.

The thing about being broken is that it’s only on the inside. You still brush and style your hair. You still put on your make up. You still smile when you’re supposed to smile and laugh when you are supposed to laugh. You still walk upright, even if you feel like you’re crawling.  You still […]


My son has always been a healthy eater.  He’s not too picky; spinach, peas, and even onions regularly make the list of favorite go-to foods.  But when he is hungry, he wants to eat right. that. minute. The microwave is not his friend. The toaster is not his friend. And good Lord. If you take […]

A favor to ask…

I appreciate the show of support. Honestly, I truly do.  And reading the comments that come in make me feel less alone, and stronger, and able to do this. So you can understand that I do not want to turn off comments. That being said, my husband is the father of my child.  He has […]

What We Deserve

My husband has found a new place to live. He told me yesterday, calling to tell me about the lovely windows and the fantastic location. “I’ll be by on Saturday to pick up the bedroom suit and the rest of my things,” he told me excitedly.  I calmly reminded him that Saturday was his brother’s […]

Friday Confessions

When I was in my early 20’s, something embarrassing happened. Up until that point, I was just your typical kid, teenager, college student.  I listened to rap, the Indigo Girls, Phish, Stone Temple Pilots… pretty much anything mainstream or anything considered “trendy.”  My first concert without my parents was to see Boyz II Men and […]

Growing a Rose

Make no mistake, getting a divorce is little different from losing a loved one suddenly in death.  You mourn.  You grieve.  You wonder if you could have saved them.  Only, with divorce… at the end of the day, you see that loved one in the grocery store and you realize that they didn’t die.  They didn’t […]

Midnight Madness

My arms are open but my eyes are closed. These arms betray me.  They reach out when I want them to lie still.  They plead with their openness, offering up the unhappy truth that I want too desperately to fall into a familiar embrace.  I want to feel warmth wrapped around me, a safety net […]

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