Fitting In

When you are married, you fall very easily into the realm of “marrieds.”  You have dinner with your married friends.  You make plans to meet up as a foursome, or a six-some.  You can have married male friends without it being awkward or uncomfortable for anyone. Then, in an instant, your world spins around one […]

RemembeRED: Affection

From the beginning of this madness, I  tried to shield J from my tears.  He’s a sensitive little boy and I didn’t want to disrupt his life more than it already had been by the packing and departure of his father followed by the packing and departure from the home he knew for ten months.  […]

Reading with J

I love reading with my son. It’s my favorite thing to do with him, because once he’s read a book once or twice,  he knows what to expect.  His eyes get wide when he knows the dinosaur is coming.  He giggles before the fish falls into the pot.  He sometimes says the words before I […]

Getting it Done

I’ve spent so much time over the past two months wondering how on Earth I’m going to accomplish everything I want to accomplish along with everything I need to accomplish while being a single mom/attorney/crazy-haired weirdo.  I’ve posted about it.  I’ve thought about it.  I’ve wondered about how to “do it all” without losing my […]

Single Successes

Bear with me because I am getting to the success part of this story.  On my way to work, I normally don’t listen to music because I have to hear “I’ve Got A Dream” from Tangled on repeat from house to daycare so by the time I drop J off, I’m over music and have […]

It IS Water Day

Today is actually water day.  And I dropped J off with his towel, sunscreen, and Little Swimmers and dressed in his cute little swim trunks and rash guard. I sat on the floor to read him a quick story, something I like to do before I head out to work as it gives me a […]

Dropping the Smallest of Balls

Working outside the home as a mother is … um… not easy.  Which is basically the understatement of the year.  But when you throw in the fact that you are working outside the home, and inside the home, and there’s no one else to pick up any slack around the house or with your kids, […]

Raging against the Machine

Every now and again… like maybe every third day or perhaps every third hour or, okay twice a minute, I become fully consumed by what can only be called the ragiest of rages.  We’re talking a rage that results in me wishing I could claw the skin off of “someone’s” face and play banjo with their […]

Lessons in Language

I don’t think I realized how many times I said the word “husband” in my every day life. Normal sentences, ones that could easily have begun with “I” almost always began with “we.”  It wasn’t on purpose, I just naturally associated the two of us as a unit.  We were a “we.” There was no […]

Single Successes

There are a lot of hard things about being a single parent.  A lot.  And I could write a book on all of the hardships and how tired I am and how much I worry about raising my son properly and doing the best I can for him. Because as single parents, it’s our job […]

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