Single Successes

Oh Friday, how I’ve longed for you since… Sunday.  And now you’re here and the air conditioning is broken in my office and I find myself in an outfit that doesn’t quite match.  But let’s put all that aside and love each other anyway, because you brought me a glorious mix of music on my […]

Wind Chimes

There are wind-chimes on my patio. I hung it there the first weekend J and I returned to Macon, climbing a foot stool in the sweltering heat to painstakingly hook it over a leftover nail, probably from someone’s hanging garden. There is something special about wind chimes and I have always loved the sound of […]

Some mornings…

This was not my finest morning. Around 4:00 am, J woke up begging for “More night night bottle.”  I tried to ignore him for as long as possible because usually he drifts back to sleep without incident.  Not so this morning.  Finally, close to 5:30, he managed to get back to sleep so needless to […]

In Case You Were Wondering…

Panda and Mickey Mouse are having quite the eventful day… Once I taught them how to type, it was all systems go.   Until Panda found the gavel. And decided he would go all Judge Judy on Mickey’s behind.           And then they got away from me… and all hell broke […]

I Have Many Leather Bound Books…

I am a lawyer. I am a professional.  I work in a professional office, doing professional, scholarly, and oh-so-important things.  I wear suits and high heels.  I am called “Mrs. Momma” no one calls me “Law.”  I write briefs and answer phone calls and fight with other lawyers over really important things.  I research the law […]

The Hardest Part (so far)

Yesterday, for the first time, I couldn’t fix what was hurting my son. He stood there in the kitchen, tears welling in his eyes, his face crumpling before me. He did not want his father to leave. He wanted his Dada to stay longer to play with him, to love him, to just be in […]


I have mixed feelings about the next few weeks. On the one hand, I know it’s time to pick up the pieces of my heart and move on. I know it will be good to let go of the hope that he will change, that he will somehow become the man I know he could […]

Single Successes

I’m not going to lie to you, it has been a long time since my Ex picked up J for a weekend and … dare I say it… I’m looking forward to a weekend by myself. I feel like I should almost be ashamed to say that outloud, like typing it somehow makes me less […]

Working Woes

My son has reactive airway disease. This is a nice way of saying he probably has asthma but they don’t want to put it on his chart in case, by some miracle, he out grows it. This “diagnosis” has several fun side effects: (1) the rate for insurance on J alone is astronomical thanks to […]


Around 3:00 on Friday, the mail was passed out at the office.  My boss’s secretary stepped tentatively into my office with a look of concern. “It wasn’t marked personal,” she explained, holding out the opened mail. “I wouldn’t have opened it if it said personal.” In her hand was a thick white envelope with my […]

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