Red Writing Hood: Heartbreak

This week’s prompt was to write a fiction or non-fiction piece about heartbreak.  I combined a bit of both to create this: It was a slow process, the leaving that broke her.  It began with just an empty spot in the bed. She woke up at two in the morning and reached for him; he […]


Life is short. Nothing makes that more clear than when you have children.  The first moment you hold your son or daughter in your arms, you are overwhelmed with the feeling that life is fleeting… you are overcome by the emotions of loving someone so much that the thought of them not being around threatens […]


My Ex husband wants to start dating. No, that’s not entirely true. My Ex-husband wants to start dating… me. I’m at a loss.  I don’t know what the right answer is to any of this.  I spent the better part of the last six months wondering what I did to make him stop loving me, […]

Same-Sex Marriage is None of Your Business

I don’t talk politics normally. I don’t go into my beliefs or ideas about life and love and government.  Mostly I leave all of that to the rest of you because you say it better than I would and because I’m hesitant to offend anyone. But my home state, the great state of North Carolina, […]

Saying Goodbye to the Baby

This weekend, I disassembled J’s crib. You know, the one I bought at the consignment sale when I was only four months pregnant?  I went out there with a co-worker and right inside the door, there was this white wood crib.  The only way to secure purchasing it was to stand there with my hand […]

Single Successes

This week was so short that I totally forgot it was Friday until suddenly… it was Friday!   And now it’s Saturday and I still didn’t manage to post my Single Success post yesterday but you’ll all forgive me because it’s the weekend and that’s what weekends are for.  Or Something. This week was tough because […]

How to Raise a Child

Everyone and their grandmother’s second cousin has an opinion on how to properly raise a child.  And those opinions start cropping up the minute you announce to the world that you’re expecting. “Don’t eat too much dairy or your child will have a milk allergy!” “If you want your child to be smart, play Mozart […]

Holding Patterns

You know how airplanes circle the airport before they’re allowed to land? You get to where you’re supposed to be and then for whatever reason… too many planes on the tarmac, too much bad weather, or just a lazy air traffic controller… you find yourself hovering just above where you ought to be for an […]


Lately, I’ve started to embrace my invisibility. When I was younger and better put together, I didn’t like to blend in.  I wanted to stand out, be noticed, be friends with all the best people and go to all the best parties.  I wasn’t content with mediocrity; I wasn’t content with being a face in […]

Just a note, Nick Jr…. a “friendly” note…

Dear Nick Jr.: I normally love you but not today.  See, in the mornings, at 6:30, we watch The Fresh Beat Band.  J looks forward to it and it gives me time to get dressed.  He wakes up and says “Get up? Watch Fresh Beat?” SO WHERE WAS THE FRESH BEAT BAND THIS MORNING, NICK JR? I […]

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