If I Admit It’s My Fault, Will You Quit Blaming Me?

When J was still a very small baby, maybe five months old, he was diagnosed with reactive airway disease.  After about our fourth visit to the pediatrician in four weeks, my doctor looked at me and “kindly” told me that if there were any way for me to work it so that I could stay […]

The Age of Manipulation

People tell me that my child isn’t old enough to be manipulative and to those people, I laugh.  Because if it is nothing else, two is most definitely the age of manipulation. Whether it is finding a way to weasel ten more minutes of play time or working out a whine and cry for five […]

Feeling Small

There are days when I wake up and I think I can conquer the world.  Some mornings, I wake up with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  I wake up and get dressed and think “Man, my clothes fit awesome this morning!” and “Wow, I look pretty!”   I snuggle up […]

The Real Motherhood of Bibb County

Motherhood is not always about showing up with perfectly iced cupcakes with sprinkles for a classroom birthday party, or handmade Valentines.  Sometimes it’s not about a bath every night and perfectly matching clothes pressed and ready for school.  It’s not the everyday serenity smile and kiss on the cheek or the cover tuck at night after […]

Love, TWOO love…

This morning I woke while J was still sleeping.  He woke up soon after me and snuggled up next to me.  With his right hand, he patted the side of my head and tilted his head to meet mine. “Hey mommy,” he whispered, “I missed you.” A full day of school followed by dinner/bath with Mommy […]

Help me Punch Cancer in the Face

I want to scream and punch and hit things.  I want to cry until my eyes beg for mercy.  I want to grab a tool box and fix this mess that cancer has created. I want desperately to make something hurt worse than my friend is hurting, worse than I am hurting on her behalf, […]

Moving Forward

Last night, my ex-husband wanted to Skype with J.  We called but J wasn’t really interested.  Finally, ex told J he loved him and I told J to say the same.  Instead, J said “No, you tell daddy you love him!” And in one quick moment… in one quick smile… I realized that I no […]

I Don’t Believe in Spanking

Last night, I got frustrated with my son.  He wouldn’t go to sleep, wouldn’t stop talking, wouldn’t stop asking for “just one more hug, Momma.”  And there was basketball to be watched, and dishes to wash and floors to clean and a mound of laundry that needed sorting and washing and well, you get the […]

Giveaway: AirInstinct from Oreck!!!!

*** THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED *** Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to “Oddvision,” the Random.org proclaimed winner!!    If you’re a regular reader, you know that I don’t do a lot of giveaways.  Part of that is because I write a blog to write and believe you read a blog to read… […]

Sick Days

For me, the hardest part of being a working mom are the week days when J is coughing and sneezing and generally miserable. Because the “mom” part of me wants to be home to care for him.  The “mom” part of me wants to stay in our jammies and make soup and hot chocolate and […]

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