Putting Down Roots

When J and I first moved back to Macon, I wasn’t sure how well it would all work out.  It was the same house he’d come home from the hospital to, the house where he was created, the house where my Ex and I had thought, or I had thought, we were building a life together.  […]

My Little Miracle

J’s daycare is at a local Methodist church here in Macon.  As a result of the location, he does a lot of learning about the Bible.  Lately, he’s been waking up in the morning and singing “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.”  And seriously, I can assure you, there is […]

Being Neighborly

When I lived in Savannah, we had an apartment with soft gray carpets.  Although the floor was never really clean, due to my ex’s opinion that “cleaning the table” meant scraping crumbs onto the floor, it always sort of looked clean.  You couldn’t see the clumps of AJ hair or the tracked in dirt.  There […]


For much of my life I have been convinced of one sacred truth.  Through all the ups and downs, all the craziness of growing up and education and marriage and divorce, I knew one thing… one imperfect, semi-disputed, seldom voiced truth: I am not pretty. I do not say this to get you to disagree […]

Saving My Bark

For the first time in … ever… I am up before J has opened his eyes for the day.  I have over an hour before we will need to leave for work and the coffee is made, the dogs are fed, and I am dressed, pressed and ready for the toil of lawyering to take […]


Today, J and I went to a park.  When we arrived, we were the only ones there and the sun was high in the sky.  Rather than sit out in the sweltering heat, we hiked off into the woods and down the trail labeled “Pond.”  It was only about a half mile walk, but we […]

In any Language

This morning, I was rudely awakened at 4:00 am by the puppy yelping madly to get out of her kennel.  I stumbled out of bed, slid into my slippers, and padded my way to the back door.  Both dogs piled out of the door, head over tail and out into the back yard.  Riley, the […]


I’m frazzled. Yesterday was such a tough day at the office that I was frustrated when I picked my child up from daycare.  He wandered over to me, clutching an ice-filled glove to his head, and explained that one of the other kids threw a train at his head.  He had a giant purple lump just […]

Tuesday Rant

There are days, like today, when I want to throw my hands up and scream “I CAN NOT DO THIS!” at the top of my lungs.  I am *this* close to tears and I really just wanted to stay tucked in bed with J and wait out the storm that is my life. I think […]

Enter Riley, Stage Left…

Last week, I started thinking about getting a puppy. It’s something I’ve thought about off and on for about a year now, as I watched my sweet AJ get older and older.  I do not want to ever be a dogless household.   On Saturday, I played around on facebook and there in a small corner […]

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