It’s not Cola…

J is taking a medication that upsets his stomach. And I mean, it REALLY upsets his stomach. Yesterday, he was curled up in my bed for nap time, happily reading his books and staying nice and quiet for the better part of an hour.  Finally, around 1:00, he asked if he could get up and […]

Having it All

I just got back to work after an hour luncheon with some law students at my old law school.  The purpose of the meeting was to impart all of my glorious wisdom re: being a woman lawyer to a group of women who are in the process of, well,  becoming lawyers.  It was eye opening. […]

Smallish Set Backs

I failed my son this weekend. Oh, and I was so massively embarrased about it.  I am so massively embarrassed about it. But we all make mistakes, right? We all do stupid things that we wish we could take back. On Friday, J’s father came to pick him up for the weekend… my first break in […]

Radio Silence

Nothing’s ever easy, is it? After my rousingly upbeat post of Tuesday where I metaphorically sounded my barbaric yawp, I went on with my day.  I went home for lunch and when I came back, I was feeling a bit… woosy.  I stopped in the breakroom and talked to one of our paralegals about what […]

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Well then. That was… therapeutic?  Helpful?  Ridiculously long-winded and semi-cathartic? Yes, all of the above.  I spent the better part of a week unpacking the heavy bags of divorce and stacking them out for you all to read and judge.  I poured out my heart and soul and angst and tears and then it was finished.  This morning, I […]

The Brutal Truth: Part Seven

I waited until he had left to call because I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to face him.   I wanted full control… again.  I needed full access… again. He happily gave me the passwords to his accounts and I went studiously about the business of checking up after him.  I ran through his emails, […]

The Brutal Truth: Part Six

What on Earth would people think? That was my primary concern.  From the moment he proposed, I was a woman on a mission.  Husband, house, baby, career… I wanted it all.  Color me a two-story brick house with a side of white picket fence, apron around my waist and husband and dog running around the […]

The Brutal Truth: Part Five

Sorry for the delay in an AM installment… this morning I was the happy recipient of a motor vehicle accident that made me late for court.  No injuries except to my pride and my vehicle… But that’s a story for another time.  You’re here for a different tale, today. It was just a normal Saturday, […]

The Brutal Truth: Part Four

Besides, I told myself, time and again… it wasn’t as though it was all bad. We still had good times. We still met for lunch several times a week for Indian buffet or my favorite quick pick restaurant downtown.  We laughed and shared jokes, we played with J,  we went for evening walks together.  Marriage […]

The Brutal Truth: Part Three

We were having a baby. What could matter more than that? What could possibly ruin our lives from that point on? I was swept away by the magic of it all; becoming  a mother, growing a child.  I read all the “your baby today” excerpts on every website.  I knew on any given day just how big […]

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