Defense Work Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

**This is a rant.  It should not be taken to mean that all defense lawyers are heartless, soulless people.  I have the privilege of working with some truly awesome WC defense attorneys… I also bear the burden of having to work with some who flat out suck and refuse to play by the rules.  So […]

A Time To Fly

Friday usually means a day of anticipation for the weekend, a day of wrapping up things around the office and preparing for the week ahead.  Friday usually means… relief. But this Friday is a little different.  There is relief, but it is a bittersweet, birdsong of release rather than the mundane cycle of another work […]

Being a Parent … even through Divorce

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a parent lately. Because it’s about more than just birthing a child. It’s more than having a child residing in your home, or paying child support, or showing up or planning birthday parties. I seem to read a lot about what it isn’t… how […]

A Time to Cry

You know those moments when you sort of hover over your body and look down on your life with the distant, observational eye of an outsider?  And then you realize that you’re freaking ridiculous and you wonder why no one is coming to strap you into a straight jacket and haul you away? Yeah. That […]

Thursday Rant and Ramble

One of the hardest things for me, as a female attorney, is the expectation of bitchiness. I do not say that tongue in cheek… I mean it seriously.  When people find out that you are an attorney, as a woman, they primarily think you are a ball busting, man hating, pant suit wearing, she devil […]

I Love my Dove®!

Now that I’ve started dating again, I’m spending a lot more time (and money) on feeling… well… pretty.  I get pedicures.  I strictly obey with the every 6 weeks haircut rule.  I spent a small fortune on brand name, look your best make up including all the special brushes that you see in a salon […]

Giving up The Ghost

On one of our first “real” dates, my Ex and I went to a pizza restaurant.  We loaded up our bellies on heavily buttered and garliced bread and similarly garliced pizza.  We held hands and laughed, walking back down the leaf decorated road, until I shivered… announcing that my nose was freezing cold.   In a […]

Handing out Roses

So my week hasn’t started out quite as great as I’d hoped, seeing as how my AC is out at home and it’s only 90 some degrees down here.  But let’s face it… no one dropping by here this morning gives one crap about my AC or how my Monday is going. You want to […]

If it Isn’t Love

Okay… not love.  But there’s no New Edition Song called “If it isn’t Like.” My date tomorrow has just semi-agreed to the most awesome dating duel ever. At some point tomorrow, the Professor and I are going to enter the Georgia Aquarium.  After making it through admittance, the duel will begin… winner gets bragging rights and a […]

And in Conclusion… (plus some random ramblings)

So yesterday. Oh, yesterday. After posting about my awesome morning, the day just kept getting more and more hilarious to the point that I just gave up, bought a six pack and waited to get struck by lightening.  Honestly.  Because once I changed clothes it turned out that the skirt I put on was too […]

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