Getting Older

Posted on | November 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

As you may remember, just after Christmas last year I got diagnosed with a herniated disc in my low back.  You may ALSO remember that about 8 weeks ago, I decided to jump back into running with both feet, both arms, and, well… a herniated disc. In my low back.

Here’s the thing… “apparently” running is really bad for herniated discs.  Like really bad.  Like you can really re-aggravate your back in bad ways if you don’t properly stretch both before and after your run, not just your legs but most importantly your back.

Let’s fast forward to this morning, shall we? I was on tap to run a 10k before work and got to the gym, raring to go.  I did my five minutes of stretching and my two minutes of warm up (I know, I should warm up more, but whatever… on limited time).  About a mile in, my co-worker called me to ask if she could borrow a pair of pants since she’d driving all the way in from home without a change of clothes after the gym.  I gave her my locker code so she could just wear the pants I’d brought with me.  This is important because the lack of pants meant that I had even less time to get my workout done in because I would then have to drive back home for non-sweaty pants.  (Non-sweaty pants are a must in my office, go figure.)

I ended up cutting my run short at 5.2 miles so that I could haul it to the shower and then to my house for pants.  In my rush, I did not stretch nearly as well after my run as I normally do.  This may or may not be important in what happened next…. namely that the left side of my back has decided to stop working.  Pretty much entirely.  And it’s doing it’s best to convince my left leg to join in on the fun.

Y’all?  I’m hunched over and shuffling… I am a faint smell of moth balls and a bad perm away from being a 90 year old nursing home resident.  I took two aleve, two aspirin, and filled an empty cotton ball bag full of ice.  It’s actually hilarious how OLD I feel… especially in light of the fact that my birthday is just around the corner.  With any luck, I’ll be entering into my 35th year with a walker a la Carl Fredrickson… maybe even with tennis balls on the end.

Getting old is AWESOME.  I can’t wait to start keeping a box of dried prunes on my desk and filling my pockets with little weird candies and odd pieces of lint.


One Response to “Getting Older”

  1. Lynne DeVenny
    November 27th, 2012 @ 7:40 pm

    Ruh-roh. Speaking from experience, this sounds like a Vicodin Flexeril cocktail moment, and adding a real cocktail wouldn’t hurt either. I hope this is a short episode, sweetie. I have so been there – just from bending over to put a stupid shoe on. If I were there, I’d entertain and feed the young master, and periodically refresh the ice pack you’re hopefully resting on. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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