Single Working Mothers: The Truth

Even now, almost two full years out from the horrible that is divorce, there are moments when the weight of my reality becomes too much to bear.  There are moments when I stand at the perimeter of my life and wonder how in the hell I’m doing any of the things I’m doing, much less […]

Post-Divorce Dating: How Men and Women Differ

After my last post on dating, I had a text conversation with a male friend of mine about the types of men I was choosing to date.  Let’s face it, you were all wondering, right? Wondering if my taste was irreparably flawed? Wondering if maybe I was making a conscious or unconscious choice to date […]


Last night, J told me he doesn’t like to go to sleep when he visits his father because he “dreams scary” when he’s there.  He told me that while he’s away from home he dreams that I’ve gone away and left him forever. Today is a really long time for a little boy.  Forever is… […]

Lessons from the Swingset

On Saturday afternoon, I tucked my seriously cranky child into his carseat and drove the short distance to an in town playground.  It sits out on a good bit of property so it’s a great place to go run off three year old frustration… if the playground isn’t enough, there’s the walk to the pond, […]


Yesterday, I went to the gym to pound out a few more miles on the treadmill.  I was scheduled for five so I settled in for the long haul, feeling the tug of the motor beneath my feet and the beat of the bass in my ears.  To the left of me, an average sized […]

Running To Stand Still

No doubt about it, 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the silent roaring… the year of the hushed screams… the year of the whirring buzz of energy spiraling just beneath the surface. I feel blanketed in something slightly resembling discontent only it’s less unhappiness and more like the hum of something I […]

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and I’m posting over at Liberating Working Moms today on the perils of work/life (or is it life/work) balance.  It’s a cold and semi-blustery day down here and I’m gearing up for one hell of a kid-free weekend.  Tonight I’m having a fancy dinner with a fellow divorced mom, tomorrow I’m running 10 […]

Embracing the Moments I Have

When I first became a mom, I had visions of grandeur: there would be epic vacations, tea parties, forts in the living room.  We would play freeze tag in the front yard and hide and seek in the back.  We would snuggle up at night and read book after book after book.  I would spend […]

And I Raaaaaaan …

Like a lot of women, I spend a lot of time feeling like I’m not nearly good enough at nearly enough things: I’m not as thin as I was in high school; I don’t mother the way I think I ought to every time I read about someone else’s mothering style; I don’t eat healthy […]

Pieces of Me

At eleven last night I was doing dishes, slowly and methodically scrubbing around corners and in between tines, the citrus smell of detergent billowing into the air alongside the accidental bubbles.  There were two (okay three) empty beer bottles to recycle and counters to scrub and yet another load of laundry to dry before I […]

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