Five Little Words

Yesterday, when I went to pick J up from school, his teacher met me at the door with a concerned look on her face. She motioned for J to wait inside the classroom and she pulled me aside to chat. Before she got ten seconds into the spiel I was on edge… mostly because she […]

Flipping the Switch

Last night, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. Work was kicking my butt, my house was dirty, and my kid wasn’t listening for shit. He’d dropped a lunchable pizza on the sofa and there I was, on my hands and knees, scrubbing pizza sauce out of the fabric of my sofa and feeling like the world […]

Learning to Spell D-i-v-o-r-c-e

When my marriage ended, I thought I knew how to spell divorce. It started with an “F” and ended with “ailure.” I was a failure. My marriage was a failure. My family, my world, my self-image… failures. I had failed at choosing a life partner, failed at being a wife, failed at keeping a husband, […]

Depositions are a lot like parenting…

From almost day one as an attorney, I’ve spent a ton of time in depositions. Some of them I take, some of them I sit through as this or that attorney peppers my client with questions, but all of them have created in me this internal script of how to depose a client. I remember […]


This video right here. All of it. Because my kid is stupid cute.  Except sorry about the hair… it was a long day. And he needs hair cut.

Any Minute Now…

Last night, my mother told me that a childhood friend’s sister had surgery on Monday for breast cancer. As the words bounced around in my brain, I thought about girl scouts and soccer games and late night slumber parties. I thought about her and my sister having birthdays close together and remembered ski trips and […]


You know how sometimes, you wake up after a bad night of sleep and your kid is grouchy and you totally eat left over pizza for breakfast? You know how you roll into work begrudgingly on time, with your fancy lawyer shoes on, and your make-up just so, and you have four voicemail messages from […]

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