Express Yourself

A friend of mine posted on Facebook, that “wonderful” marketplace of ideas, about how single mothers should put their children first and shouldn’t date just to date. And in many, many ways, I agree with her. But see… I also disagree. I think as women, and especially as mothers, we tend to put ourselves second […]

La Cienega Just Smiled… again.

If I’m being totally honest, the first time my ex-husband told me he was dating someone, I wanted to rip all her hair out and feed it to him in bitter, heaping spoonfuls. Granted, we hadn’t been divorced but for about six months, but still. It was a rage like I’d really never really felt […]

A Perfect Place for Imperfection

Every so often, when you least expect it, you can stumble into something perfect. The moments are few and far between for me. More often than not, I hype something up in my head to the point that when I actually find myself in the moment, it’s a raging disappointment. This has proven true for […]

That’ll Do, Dog

By noon yesterday, I was wandering aimlessly around Target, wiping tears from my cheeks and wearing a sign as big as a house that announced “GRIEF” to any and every one who approached. I ran into two people I know and both asked, in that sideways way that people do… sort of from the corner […]


Yesterday I left work to that uniquely Spring smell… the rustic, earthy, pulling of rain down from the sky. You know the smell, right? That seasonal thickness in the air so heavy that you feel like you are just swimming in the raw dirt of the earth. It’s one of my favorite smells even though […]

Having it All Part 757

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m divorced. You also probably know I’m a lawyer. And a mom. What you may or may not know is that my closest family is my ex-husband’s parents and they live almost two hours away. I have no live-in nanny. I have no live-in anything except two […]

Carrying the Watermelon

It’s possible that my favorite part of Dirty Dancing is not that “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” but is, instead, the moment when Baby meets Johnny for the first time and happily announces “I carried a watermelon!” only to then visibly think “Dear God. Did I just say that to this hot guy?” I […]

A Different Sort of Paris

This morning, I called my mother on the way to work. While we were talking, she mentioned she’s been thinking about planning a trip and that she desperately wants to see Paris. She joked that my dad wouldn’t want to do the things she’d want to do… that he’d want to sit in a cafe […]

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