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Posted on | August 10, 2015 | 2 Comments

Last week, my nerves were shot and I was stressed and uncomfortable with the decision I’d made to put J in public school. Last week, I was so worried that he wouldn’t be loved and supported and nurtured along with educated because the school was so big and there were so many students and how, oh how, would they possibly take the time to know MY kid…to love MY kid… for the person he is. Last week, I was scared and overwhelmed and wondering what in the hell was going on because why did I feel so disconnected and under-informed? Why was everything just happening around me and why couldn’t I get my mind wrapped around anything?

This morning, we drove across town for school drop off. I packed a book for J to read so he wouldn’t have to just sit and not talk for the fifteen or twenty minutes that he had to wait in the cafeteria. It was our compromise, our way of dealing with the drama of drop off in the mornings, and I was hopeful it would be a lasting solution. We got to school and I walked in with him because I had a question to ask and I’m so very glad I did.

His principal walked over, all smiles, and gave my son a hug. He lit up like a Christmas tree. It was so clear that he liked her and liked being acknowledged by her. She took the time to tell me, without having to use words, that my son was loved and nurtured at that school. She told me by bending down and looking him in the eye, calling him by name, remembering what class he’s in and who his friends are. She told me by being there, front and center, to answer nervous parent questions and to be the face of the school she so obviously loves.

I walked out of school this morning with an entirely different mind set. This IS the place for my son. This is where he will learn and thrive and yes, be loved and appreciated. This is where he will realize that life has lots of different sorts of people and he gets to choose the sort of person he will be. This is where he will become the person he will be for the rest of his life.

And I am so very very glad that Macon has a public school like this… one that doesn’t just teach the children but that LOVES the children. This week, I’m happy to call myself a Panda Parent… happy to tell people just how wonderful an environment my child and I have stumbled into. I think the first week is always hard… always a struggle to figure out where your child fits in the mix. The first week is just learning the rules… learning the ropes and when to pull and when to climb. Last week was a lot of pulling on my part, trying to fit the rope to my child. This week? This week will be about stepping back and watching my son climb.

What a difference a week can make.


2 Responses to “This Week”

  1. facie
    August 12th, 2015 @ 8:28 pm

    Yeah! I wish more principals could be like that.

  2. Jo
    August 12th, 2015 @ 10:17 pm

    Wow, hugs! Glad to see your public school hasn’t gone the way of ours, where hugs are prohibited. Volunteer training actually included a video about how side hugs were maybe okay but really, don’t touch the children!!! Sigh…

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