A Day in the Life

At 2:20 in the morning, a plaintive mourn echoes through the house “Mooooommmmmmma?” I’m up. I shuffle to the nursery to pick up J and snuggle him close to me.  “Momma bed?” He asks, his head laid against my shoulder.  Sure, kid, I’ll take you to momma’s bed… anything for sleep.  I shuffle back to my room.  Laying […]

Trust me

As an attorney, people put a lot of trust in what I have to say. When I give them answers, they usually trust that I know what I’m talking about. When I make a suggestion, they trust it’s the right one.  In short, people invest a lot of trust in me. A lot of trust. […]

Decisions, Decisions

I have a lot of decisions to make. As the year comes to a close, I have to make some difficult decisions about where my life is heading and where my career is heading. And I don’t know how to make those decisions. Because when I went to law school, I wanted to be this […]

Guest Blogging

So I’m a little slow this morning! (no sleep… AGAIN) I went to make the rounds to my favorite blogs and when I got to Rebekah’s Blog over at Mom-In-A-Million I was all types of confused. There I was! Yep. I’m guest blogging today over there. Because it’s Friday. And that was the plan. Sleep […]

Asked and Answered (Part One)

Okay. I’m WAY behind on answering the lovely questions you all were so kind to give me. I don’t know that I can effectively answer them all in one blog, so I’m going to sort of… pick and choose. For this one? I am going to write about my job. I got the following questions […]

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