Last night, J told me he doesn’t like to go to sleep when he visits his father because he “dreams scary” when he’s there.  He told me that while he’s away from home he dreams that I’ve gone away and left him forever. Today is a really long time for a little boy.  Forever is… […]

Remembering… and looking forward

Tomorrow, my son and I will drive over the long, curving bridge to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.  We will pull into a familiar driveway, and hug the necks of oh-so-familiar family members.  And then, at some moment over the next week, two other very familiar people will arrive, with a very sweet, familiarly […]

Just a Week

Last night, I lay awake long after midnight.  I tossed and turned, courtesy of an over-active brain and too much Mucinex D, and I thought about everything that has changed over the last week… things she will never really know about.  I watched J’s chest rise and fall with each sleepy breath and wondered if […]

Goodnight, I love you.

For the better part of a year, I have woken up every morning to five simple words on my telephone: “Good Morning! I love you.” No matter what time they came in, sometimes early, sometimes late, they were always there.  Just five words. Just nineteen letters.  Just a lifeline on the days when I barely wanted […]


I have very little to say today.  My heart is still heavy, my eyes are still full of tears.  I am still waiting. Hurt, death, and fear seem to be my new best friends and they haunt me at every corner.   Last night, I dreamed I was my 95 year old grandmother.  Someone had asked […]

Gray Days

It is a gray day in Macon. The sky is cloudy, dripping rain like the tears I’m not allowed to shed, not at work, not at home.  We made our way out of bed slowly this morning, J and I, tip-toeing through our morning quietly, wondering when the axe would fall, when the news would […]

Help me Punch Cancer in the Face

I want to scream and punch and hit things.  I want to cry until my eyes beg for mercy.  I want to grab a tool box and fix this mess that cancer has created. I want desperately to make something hurt worse than my friend is hurting, worse than I am hurting on her behalf, […]

To My Dear Friend in the face of cancer:

Oh my sweet, sweet friend.  What you are in the midst of now is nothing short of a nightmare.  If I could reach into your body and rip away the cancer that is tormenting you, I would do it in a heartbeat because you deserve to have someone do that for you.  You deserve to […]

Flowers for Layla Grace

Here’s a blog I “stole” from Mandy over at Harper’s Happenings. I think it’s a tremendously good idea so I’m sharing it with all of you: those of you who have been following Layla Grace’s story have probably heard that she passed away this morning. Layla was a 2 year old little girl with stage […]

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