Saying Goodbye

I did my research. I spent time on Saturday looking online and making a few phone calls.  I took notes and even made a pros and cons list. I took my time, spending the afternoon out in the yard, mulching and planting and thinking it through.  J and I went out to Target and I […]


My Ex husband wants to start dating. No, that’s not entirely true. My Ex-husband wants to start dating… me. I’m at a loss.  I don’t know what the right answer is to any of this.  I spent the better part of the last six months wondering what I did to make him stop loving me, […]

Holding Patterns

You know how airplanes circle the airport before they’re allowed to land? You get to where you’re supposed to be and then for whatever reason… too many planes on the tarmac, too much bad weather, or just a lazy air traffic controller… you find yourself hovering just above where you ought to be for an […]


There’s a moment in my day, every day, when I look for my husband. The moment varies; sometimes it’s in the morning when I wake up, sometimes it’s in the evening when I get home from work.  Some days I think I hear his voice, singing from the shower and on some days I think […]

Paving a Future

Things move fast around here: time, toddler feet, swirls of emotion.  And I am running, always running, to stay ahead… of something.  I have to be one step ahead of J, one step ahead of my boss, one step ahead of the collections agents. But I can’t seem to ever get even a half step […]

The Eye of the Storm

In every hurricane, there is an eye.  There is a soft spot in the middle where you find your feet firmly planted back on the ground, even though the world around you is still hectic and hazy.  Sure, there’s a cow upside down in the sky over your head, and yes maybe there’s your neighbor […]

Lies, Bills and Punching Bags

I’m sorry. I did something this week I sort of promised myself I wouldn’t do.   I sat down to write on Wednesday and I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t put into words what I was going through and so I just talked about J.  And then I did the same thing on Thursday. Because […]


Sometimes when I’m out, maybe at the grocery store, maybe at a nice restaurant, someone will pass me by and I will breathe in a billow of perfume or cologne that makes me want to chase them down and ask them where they bought it or what it’s called.  As they pass, I find myself […]

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