I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means…

You know how they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results? Yeah… I’m pretty sure whoever coined that phrase was a parent and what they meant was, quite simply, that parents are insane. Because I find myself daily in situations where I’m asking […]

That’ll Do, Dog

By noon yesterday, I was wandering aimlessly around Target, wiping tears from my cheeks and wearing a sign as big as a house that announced “GRIEF” to any and every one who approached. I ran into two people I know and both asked, in that sideways way that people do… sort of from the corner […]

Let’s Call a Dog a Dog

Before I had J, my dog AJ was my baby. He went everywhere with me from the time he was a just a tiny pup: to class at UNC, to any and every vacation, to all the various places I lived.  If AJ wasn’t welcome, I didn’t go. At Christmas, he had a stocking and […]

For AJ (continued)

Because he’d had a rough start to life, AJ took a while to warm up to being part of a family.  For a long time, the only interaction he allowed me was feeding him and dragging him from under the bed to go outside for walks.  I’ll never forget taking him to my parents’ house […]

For AJ, the Greatest Dog in the World

This morning,  J and I had to walk the length of my yard to find my dog.  My sweet, almost fifteen year old baby boy, who couldn’t hear me calling him because he’s lost his hearing completely.  And the thought of him fading from me, little by little, piece by piece, is tearing me apart.  […]

Fence me In, Please.

Today, I am getting a fence around my back yard.  I haven’t been this excited about something since law school graduation… y’all, tomorrow morning when my puppy yelps to go out? I JUST HAVE TO OPEN THE DOOR!!  This is post-worthy on so many occasions, not the least of which is that every morning for […]

Monday Morning Antics

I wrote a very sweet post last night, intended to be posted this morning for warm, fuzzy, Monday feelings. And then this morning came and I had no such warm, fuzzy feelings.  And also this morning happened and it was too much not to share with you. First, around 4:00, my son began talking in […]

Working Mom Fail…

Yesterday was not the best day of my life. It all started with a deposition where I had to question a woman about her sex life. You don’t know me, but I can assure you that I am NOT comfortable talking about sex. With anyone. Much less a random stranger who I am forced to […]

Dogs and Babies, Babies and Dogs

**WARNING: THIS POST WAS WRITTEN ON TOO MUCH WINE** Before we had J, Husband and I had our dog. Well, to be more exact, my dog. I was lucky enough to find him at a shelter in Chapel Hill during the summer of 1998. He was the only puppy in the cat room and the […]

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