Facing Fears

On Wednesday night, I dreamed of snakes. Not just one or two, but lots of snakes… every where I went there were snakes. When I woke up, I was still scared to put my feet on the floor or use the restroom because I’m absolutely terrified of snakes. I mentioned it to Banks and googled […]


It was cold in the emergency room. Not the kind of frigid that makes you uncomfortable, just the kind of cold that makes you want to take a long nap under a very warm blanket. My husband was reclined back in one of those avocado green ER chairs, with an IV in his right arm but […]

I am Scared.

I’m scared. I don’t think I realized just how scared I actually am until we got back from Disney and I realized then and there that my heart is fully and completely wrapped up in someone else. Someone outside of my little two person family of J and I. Someone who could leave and break […]

Moments of Mortality

I ordered dinner from a popular chain restaurant in town, pushing open the door and stepping back in time to fifteen years ago.  The smells and sounds were the same: the din of conversation, the smells of frying potatoes and corn chips and chicken, the calls of “corner!” and “Need a runner!” and the constant […]

The Fears I Swallow

This weekend, J looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said I was mean to him because I told him “no” about something silly.  And though it shouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest, it actually hurt to hear him say that.  It made me question if I was, in fact, being […]

The Burden of Being Honest

When I first started blogging, I was hell bent on being honest. All the time.  About everything.  I talked about depression and anxiety, about family problems, about my fears for my son and about raising him in the world.  I talked … at length… about divorce, and heart break, and anger, and rebuilding; and I […]

Fear is a Many-headed monster

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a tentative sort of person. I keep three cars lengths between me and the car in front of me on the highway, I never ride in a car without my seat belt, and I always slow down for school zones.  I don’t participate in highly charged […]

Radio Silence

Nothing’s ever easy, is it? After my rousingly upbeat post of Tuesday where I metaphorically sounded my barbaric yawp, I went on with my day.  I went home for lunch and when I came back, I was feeling a bit… woosy.  I stopped in the breakroom and talked to one of our paralegals about what […]

Paving a Future

Things move fast around here: time, toddler feet, swirls of emotion.  And I am running, always running, to stay ahead… of something.  I have to be one step ahead of J, one step ahead of my boss, one step ahead of the collections agents. But I can’t seem to ever get even a half step […]

Trials and Tribulations

Oh boy. April is shaping up to be one hell of a month. (What?! Lent is totally over. I can cuss if I want to!) First, this week I will be having my first Workers’ Comp hearing. It’s tomorrow morning so forgive me if I don’t have anything exciting to say until mid-day… and then […]

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