My 2010 Favorites

Fear not, Friday Free for All will return next week so if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted your bit, that’s why! The holidays sort of interfered. I previously shared with you guys several things I couldn’t live without over the holidays but that list turned out a little different than I had intended. I […]

Friday Faves —

CLOSED In addition to my lovely “Ask Away” post, I wanted to finally post my review of the awesomeness that is Eshakti. First, I know you’re probably thinking “E whatty?” and that’s about to change. Eshakti is the greatest little secret on the Internet. I discovered them a few months ago quite by accident and […]

The Lovely and Talented Tina Tarnoff

First, let me make it clear that I PAID for my Tina Tarnoff necklace. That’s how much I love her. I’m writing this because, well, she’s fantastic. Her art is gorgeous and check this out… seriously? Who sends handwritten thank you’s anymore? That’s how great she is. Not only did the necklace arrive on time […]

Friday Faves

Alright. I’m drop dead serious about this today. You HAVE to check these out if you like Indian food. Husband and I have become obsessed. We literally have seven jars in our cabinet. Here’s what I love: 1. It’s so freaking easy. I cook the veggies or Husband cooks the meat and then we dump […]

Friday Faves

This week’s favorite is something a paralegal at my office gave me for J as a baby shower gift. They are AWESOME. They have a really odd name but whatever, they’re lifesavers if you’ve got a kid in daycare like I do, because everything has to be labeled. Check them out here:“BumpyName Orbit Labels” Sorry, […]

Friday Faves

I’m lazy today. I’d like to share something really exciting and fresh and new with you guys but the truth is, I’m blankly staring out my window waiting for this promised snow to materialize. They’re calling for 2-5 inches. It makes me VERY excited. So I thought momentarily about saying Snow is my fave for […]

Friday Faves

This week’s favorite is a recipe… my new favorite recipe. I’m a vegetarian so of course if you’re not you can substitute chicken broth. Refried Beans (sans the Re-Fry)1 onion, peeled and halved3 cups dry pinto beans, rinsed (or one bag which is like 3.5 cups is fine)1/2 fresh jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped2 tablespoons […]

Friday Faves

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!! I am running on pure adrenaline this morning and I kind of feel the need to be typing in all caps. But, I’m containing myself. This week’s Favorites are food. Mmmmmmmm. Food. One of my all time favorite things. But this is not just any food. This is fast, mommy-friendly, […]

Friday Faves

So I thought I’d start a new segment… Friday Faves. This week, I have to share my newest favorite thing: Oh. My. God. Seriously? A place that makes clothes fit my boobs? It’s a miricle. Check ’em out because I think I may blow my paycheck on a new wardrobe and I’d like some […]

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