Average Joy

This morning, I dropped J off at tennis camp and set off towards work. It was just another average sort of morning… I got up, I ate breakfast with Banks, I complained about how slow J was moving towards the inevitable task of putting on socks and shoes. (If you’re a parent of a boy, […]

Out like a Lamb

When I sat down to write a recap post for last year, I didn’t really know where to start. In a lot of ways, it was a quiet year, and in a lot of ways it wasn’t. In many ways, it was a fantastic year, and in several ways it wasn’t. So my thoughts and words […]

How to Choose Happy

My boyfriend always tells me that happiness is a choice. And usually I respond with a choice gesture from one of my more used fingers. But this morning, when my son woke me up for the second day in a row before 5am, I decided I’d give it a chance. So I lay very still […]

Being Home

When I first moved to Macon, I cried. Literally. I told my mother that the only things that could possibly flourish here were cows and insisted that the FIRST thing I would do after law school was get the hell out of this, well, hell. But then I got engaged, both with a diamond and […]


You know how sometimes, you wake up after a bad night of sleep and your kid is grouchy and you totally eat left over pizza for breakfast? You know how you roll into work begrudgingly on time, with your fancy lawyer shoes on, and your make-up just so, and you have four voicemail messages from […]

Choosing Happy

When I was married, I spent a lot of time wondering why things weren’t better. I did a lot of silent judging of my husband and a lot of not-so-silent judging. I was angry and lonely and bitter and probably not that fun to be around. And I think, honestly, it’s because I just couldn’t […]

So Much to Say

I have so much to say. I have so little time to say it in. When you think that your life is moving along at a perfect speed, something always changes. Something always takes you by surprise, changing your footsteps, changing your direction, changing your frame of mind. My frame of mind has been changed. […]

The Christmas Story

This time of year does something to me, ever since I became a mother. I didn’t realize it until 2009, when J was just four months old, and I found myself sitting in a church pew on Christmas eve, bawling my eyes out while the minister read the Christmas Story.  All of a sudden it […]

Sometimes Old Friends ARE the Best

On Saturday, an old friend from college drove down from North Carolina to visit me.  She lives in San Francisco, so we haven’t laid eyes on each other, except via Facebook, since October 13, 2007.  How do I remember that date? Easy… it was my wedding day. Well, my first wedding day… because let’s face it… […]


It’s Tuesday and my sublime happiness has returned from its Monday hibernation. This morning, I got up at 5:30 to finish prepping for my 9:30 court appearance.  I let the dogs outside and sat in the cool morning stillness of my house, listening to the slow drip of the coffee maker and the whirr of the […]

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