Shades of Gray

In the summer after my freshman year of college, I became obsessed with black and white photography.  I had a Canon EOS Rebel (pre-digital era, y’all) and I would buy the black and white film and prance around with my camera on a long camera strap around my neck. Black and white photography made me […]

The Me My Son Sees

This morning, J woke up and snuggled close to me.  Before he opened his eyes, he popped out his pacifier and whispered: “I love you, Momma!” He knew it was me.  He knew, just because he woke up in the morning that I would be there and that I loved him. In J’s eyes, I […]

What We Deserve

My husband has found a new place to live. He told me yesterday, calling to tell me about the lovely windows and the fantastic location. “I’ll be by on Saturday to pick up the bedroom suit and the rest of my things,” he told me excitedly.  I calmly reminded him that Saturday was his brother’s […]

Trust me

As an attorney, people put a lot of trust in what I have to say. When I give them answers, they usually trust that I know what I’m talking about. When I make a suggestion, they trust it’s the right one.  In short, people invest a lot of trust in me. A lot of trust. […]

Hello, My name is Law Momma… and I’m a mom.

There is an over sized, over-zealously colored alphabet mat in my kitchen. There is a Rain Forest swing in my formal dining room, just next to the cherry finished table and across from the china cabinet. Inside that china cabinet, there is my wedding china and crystal along with some pieces of china brought over […]

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