Lately, I’ve started to embrace my invisibility. When I was younger and better put together, I didn’t like to blend in.  I wanted to stand out, be noticed, be friends with all the best people and go to all the best parties.  I wasn’t content with mediocrity; I wasn’t content with being a face in […]

Parenting is a Tough Gig

I want what is best for my son. It seems like that should just go without saying when you’re a mother, but the more I read in the news and the more people I meet in my life, the more I think that perhaps I am living in a box. I want what is best […]

The Eye of the Storm

In every hurricane, there is an eye.  There is a soft spot in the middle where you find your feet firmly planted back on the ground, even though the world around you is still hectic and hazy.  Sure, there’s a cow upside down in the sky over your head, and yes maybe there’s your neighbor […]

To Jude on his Second Birthday:

Two years ago, I woke up with a very funny feeling. I went about my morning, vacuuming the hallways and the corners of our little house, until around 8:30 when I went to wake up your father, who still lived with us then. It was silly really, but I felt certain.  I was scheduled for […]

To all you other moms out there…

First, and because no one says it enough, you are seriously amazing! You are, no doubt, doing the very best you can at every second of the day and that is a feat to be proud of. I often find myself in awe of the moms I see out and about who seem to be […]

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