Home "Sweet" Home

It’s good to be home. I’m not normally the biggest fan of returning home after trips. The drive to do something fun always seems easier than the drive to return to status quo. But this time? Pulling into my driveway made me want to burst into the Hallelujah Chorus. And that’s not to say I […]

The one where I admit to being a monkey…

Well, this week has already gotten off to a fantastic start. Yes, that was sarcasm. (Sidebar: When will someone create sarcasm font?!?!) First things first, I had a back ache all weekend. At one point it was so bad that I had to sit down while Husband and I were at the mall. LIKE AN […]

Just when I thought I’d seen it all…

I should have learned by now that being a mom means seeing things you never thought you’d see… like a person recently sprouted from inside you, or even snot running from both sides of a nose into that little person’s mouth. But I guess with all the medical procedures and tests along with the reflux and magical […]

I’m up to my ears in poop over here….

Oh. My. God. Monday came dangerously close to destroying me. Seriously. It all started on Sunday afternoon when Husband went to work. Every other Sunday he has to work from 2 -10 pm. It’s normally not a big deal but this Sunday… it was a big deal. J had an upset stomach. I didn’t think […]

A little Wednesday Rant…

There are just some things I didn’t realize were going to be seriously annoying until I had a kid. Case in point… public restrooms. Shocker alert: Moms travel. We do. We go out to eat. We go to book stores and movies and well… everywhere that non-moms go. And here’s the kicker. We sometimes take our […]

What About Bob?

We have a pediatrician who I’ll call…. Bob. Bob came *highly* recommended by pretty much everyone we know. We never even sat down and met with him the way the books suggest because literally everyone we asked said “Go to Bob. He’s the best.” So we went with Bob. He’s an older doctor but not […]


I don’t normally post twice in one day, but I wrote my earlier post last night and I had to share my morning. I am BEYOND frustrated with J right now. Last night I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 6 this morning. In between that time, my son woke me to […]

What day is it?

Yesterday was such a Monday that I almost forgot today was Wednesday and therefore “Day I meet with Doctor to discuss Workers’ Compensation Claimant.” It caused quite a shift in what I was wearing when I realized it. I hate Tuesdays … or really any day of the week that masquerades as a Monday. It all […]

What Not to Wear

I’ve never been on What Not To Wear, I haven’t even watched it in several years (does it still come on?) … but I feel like if I were ever on, it would go something like this: Wow, Stacy. Have we got our work cut out for us today. I know, Clinton. Today’s unfortunate victim… […]

The Poop Chair and other Mom-isms

I wonder if my child is going to be scarred for life by some of the things I say. Just how much does his little psyche pick up and carry for a lifetime? For example, if I repeatedly squeeze J’s legs and comment on how he’s a little chunk and I wish he could do […]

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