My Two Cents

I know I’m no where near being an “old pro” at this working mom thing, but I still feel compelled to share a little bit of what I’ve learned with some of you who might be new to the game, returning to work shortly,  or who just want to read and laugh at those of […]

Crap, More Crap and… awwwwww

This morning started out crappy. It got crappier and crappier and crappier until something wonderful happened. But lets start with the crap, shall we? Literally? There was crap. Figuratively, crap. I was wallowing in it all morning. This is my last week before trial. And I’m a little nervous. I realize that I am on […]

The Sahara of Me…

The well is running dry. Again. For almost seven months I have been a veritable dairy cow when it comes to milk production. Seriously. I would pump three times a day which would yield 15 ounces or more of milk. Enter Monday… sure, it was a stressful day. So I managed to pump… 10 ounces. […]

Reason #783 Why Pumping Sucks

Because, for the fourth time in less than a month, I have forgotten necessary pieces of the pump at home leading to an uncomfortable feeling in my chestal region and possibly even to leakage in the next hour or so. Plus, I have to take J to the doctor at 11:30 because he had so […]

The word of the day is…

If my life were a Sesame Street episode, today’s letter would be “F” and the word would be “idiocy.” Seriously. Where did my brain go and why did it leave me here alone? This morning I tried desperately to open the door at daycare but my code wasn’t working. Did they kick J out? Had […]

Being Lazy has its Perks

I’ll admit, even when I was pregnant, breastfeeding terrified me. That’s probably because both my sister and a new mom friend shared with me “the Gospel” on breastfeeding which included the fact that “Oh, BTW, it will hurt everytime you feed him like you’ve been dipped in hot oil… but only for like two weeks.” […]

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