Everyone has their demons. For some, it’s drugs; for others alcohol. Some people fight demons of anorexia or bulimia, some fight the demons of poverty or depression. Among the many, and yes… I said many, demons that I fight on a regular basis, the most ferocious of all is the one who hovers over me, […]

Fifty Minutes

When Banks injured his leg and the race coordinators announced that the one mile would be a “stroll” and not a “run,” J decided he wanted to participate in the full 5k with me for our local “Reindeer Run.” It wasn’t his first race, he’d participated in two one mile races in the past, but […]

I Know Runner Things

In October, when my friend Jana asked me if I’d like to run a half-marathon with her, I was skeptical at best.  I didn’t see myself as the sort of person who put on tennis shoes and ran.  I was embarrassed to step foot in the local running store because I was overweight and out […]


In 2011, my husband moved out a few weeks before Mother’s Day so technically, it was the first “holiday” I spent “alone.” I put a much smaller J in the car and drove down the street to the grocery store where I bought a balloon and flowers and chocolates for myself.  I filled the cart […]

May There Always Be More

Last night, just before bed, my three year old son told me he was going to teach me a prayer.  I was obviously game, so he started out slowly, saying one sentence then having me repeat it. “Dear God,” he clasped his hands together and closed his eyes, lifting his lashes to see if I […]

On Becoming a Disney Princess… or some such nonsense…

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past three days wondering what I’d say about three days ago. I’ve turned and twisted it in my mind, looked at it from every angle, smiled and nodded and turned it again, hoping that somehow I could capture the essence of what happened from 2:00am until just […]

Running Thirteen

Have I mentioned that I’m running a half marathon? Only a billion times? Because guess what… I’m running a half marathon on Sunday morning with a start time of 6:03 am. A half marathon.  Thirteen (point one) miles. Guys, if you’d told me six months ago that I’d be preparing to drive six hours south […]

What’s another 13 miles?

Sometime around the beginning of October, something amazing happened.  My boss asked for suggestions on how she could make my life easier, what with all the single momming and full time attorneying and other stuff and nonsense.  I told her that having the time and place to exercise would really help and like the fairy […]

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