Moving Forward

Today I left work early because the tears became too much. It was around ten after four and I cranked up the engine and drove north, though daycare is south. I took the ramp onto the highway and headed towards Forsyth, thinking about what would happen if I just kept driving and never turned back.  […]


Every time I sit down to write, the only words that come out of my fingers and onto the keys are… Divorce. Broken. Hurt. Alone. Afraid. And I start to think, start to wonder if maybe I talk too much, write too much, and think too much about him and the space he left behind.  […]

The Taking Away

When you get engaged, the giving begins.  As a woman, you first receive a ring and then you receive showers full of toaster ovens, china patterns, and various and assorted nicknacks.  Then you are given a party which begins with the giving of an oath and the exchanging of rings.  At the end of the […]

Re-Writing the Stories

When I was a high school senior, I would walk around thinking “This is the last first day of school as a high school student” or later “this is my last Monday in high school.” It somehow made the time fly by a little faster, breaking it up into intervals of final firsts.  In 2007, […]


I never did a lot of yard work until recently.   Hell, I mowed the grass for the first time in my life several weeks ago and I did it in flip flops.  Because I’m a yard work moron. But since moving back into the house, I’ve found a new appreciation for digging in the dirt.  […]

The Hardest Part (so far)

Yesterday, for the first time, I couldn’t fix what was hurting my son. He stood there in the kitchen, tears welling in his eyes, his face crumpling before me. He did not want his father to leave. He wanted his Dada to stay longer to play with him, to love him, to just be in […]


I have mixed feelings about the next few weeks. On the one hand, I know it’s time to pick up the pieces of my heart and move on. I know it will be good to let go of the hope that he will change, that he will somehow become the man I know he could […]


My ex has been emailing. And texting.  And sometimes calling. The current topic of conversation hovers just shy of “I made a mistake, please take me back.”  He says things like “I wish I could come spend the weekend in Macon and help you with yard work” and “You’re still the person I want to […]


Around 3:00 on Friday, the mail was passed out at the office.  My boss’s secretary stepped tentatively into my office with a look of concern. “It wasn’t marked personal,” she explained, holding out the opened mail. “I wouldn’t have opened it if it said personal.” In her hand was a thick white envelope with my […]

It’s Just a Turtle…

It’s so silly. It was just a little red turtle, nothing fancy.  I think it cost less than $2 when we bought it.  We named him “Todd” because we bought him in Todd, North Carolina, at a little General Store.  I worked the summer after my second year of law school in Boone, North Carolina.  […]

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