Sometimes, someone does something so big that it overwhelms you with the sheer kindness of it all.  Sometimes, when you’re at your lowest, someone comes along and lifts you up so high that you’d swear your forehead kisses the clouds as they pass.  Sometimes someone does something so beautiful that you are faced with the […]

Being A Single Parent Means Picking Your Battles… and your Roles

One of the hardest parts of becoming a single mother, for me, is the desire to be everything for my child. I desperately want him to have the childhood I had… the baking cookies, the team sports, the music lessons. I don’t want him to have moments when he thinks “Man, I could do that […]

Kid-Free and Loathing It

Know what I hate about “kid-free” weekends? The fact that I inevitably end up right where I am 75% of my week anyway… at the office.  If I’m being honest, I kind of appreciate having J around to keep me from being here all the time because I know if I were just a single […]

Moments of Mortality

I ordered dinner from a popular chain restaurant in town, pushing open the door and stepping back in time to fifteen years ago.  The smells and sounds were the same: the din of conversation, the smells of frying potatoes and corn chips and chicken, the calls of “corner!” and “Need a runner!” and the constant […]

The Let Down

After every milestone, there’s a bit of a let down. When I got back from my honeymoon, I felt a little sad that I’d never have another wedding and honeymoon. (HA!) When my ex told me there would be no more children, I got a lot sad that J would be an only child.  When […]

All My Mistakes

When I crawled out of bed, you were still sleeping, lashes flush across your cheeks and one arm thrown out across the bed as if you were claiming all of it as your own.  I was as silent as possible, slipping into the cold hallway, and gently closing the door behind me; you needed your […]

Single Working Mothers: The Truth

Even now, almost two full years out from the horrible that is divorce, there are moments when the weight of my reality becomes too much to bear.  There are moments when I stand at the perimeter of my life and wonder how in the hell I’m doing any of the things I’m doing, much less […]

Calling in Sick… to life.

Today is one of those days when the only right and proper thing to do when you wake up is to pull the covers fully over your head and pretend that it’s still the weekend. Christ on a cracker, guys, I’m OVER my so-called life. My sweet, charming, adorable child has been possessed by demons […]

Embracing the New Year

There are moments in your life that stand out, for one reason or another… for good or for bad… and you can choose to ignore them or to wrap your arms around them and embrace them for exactly what they are: Part of who you are or who you’re becoming. In the days that lead […]

Back to the Daily Grind

The thing about having time off for the holidays is this… eventually it comes to an end. Eventually, you have to get up and shower and put on clothes other than pajamas that are red and white and say “HO!HO!HO!” Eventually, you have to leave the house while the sun is still stretching from slumber […]

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