So I have to admit that I lied to y’all. Because I’m pretty sure that at some point in the past I said something like “this is my favorite age” or something similar about some age that is not five. And I was a liar. Because this time of year with a five year old […]

I am Stronger than I Thought.

“I am stronger than I thought.” That’s what the T-shirt said, when I pulled it out of the packing envelope; the one sent to me by my sweet friend in Tennessee.  The note enclosed said it was for completing my first half marathon and there were running shoes just below the quote.  I put it […]

Moving Forward

Last night, my ex-husband wanted to Skype with J.  We called but J wasn’t really interested.  Finally, ex told J he loved him and I told J to say the same.  Instead, J said “No, you tell daddy you love him!” And in one quick moment… in one quick smile… I realized that I no […]


Oh where to begin. I have had the most epic awesomeness of a day in the history of epic awesome days. It started out slowly, just trying to get things in line for my mediations.  Around 10:30, my boss summoned me to her office which made me … slightly nervous.  But wait, what was this? […]

Single Successes

This week was so short that I totally forgot it was Friday until suddenly… it was Friday!   And now it’s Saturday and I still didn’t manage to post my Single Success post yesterday but you’ll all forgive me because it’s the weekend and that’s what weekends are for.  Or Something. This week was tough because […]

Single Successes

I’ve bailed on remembering what successes I had the last few weeks because I was having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees… the big, nasty, old and scary trees… but my horizon is clearing up a bit and I’d like to pick up where I left off. This week hasn’t been perfect […]

Single Successes

This was my last full week of being married to my Ex.  This time next week, I will be sitting in a court room, waiting for the the judge to hear evidence and grant me an uncontested divorce.  I will walk out of that courtroom onto the gorgeous streets of downtown Savannah and I will […]

Single Successes

I’m not going to lie to you, it has been a long time since my Ex picked up J for a weekend and … dare I say it… I’m looking forward to a weekend by myself. I feel like I should almost be ashamed to say that outloud, like typing it somehow makes me less […]

Single Successes

Oh this week… what a turnaround!! I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that 2011 has not been heavily lauded in my household.  There’s been little more than seventeen shades of grief and heartache at every turn and if I could fast forward to January 1, 2012, I’d be a happy camper. But this week, […]

Single Successes

This has been a week of struggles for me between the foot injury and the shot records and everything else.  But along the way, I still had some good moments, because who are we kidding? Every week is 7 days long… they can’t be ALL bad.  So here’s what was great about this week for […]

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