Lessons from the Swingset

On Saturday afternoon, I tucked my seriously cranky child into his carseat and drove the short distance to an in town playground.  It sits out on a good bit of property so it’s a great place to go run off three year old frustration… if the playground isn’t enough, there’s the walk to the pond, […]

Embracing the Moments I Have

When I first became a mom, I had visions of grandeur: there would be epic vacations, tea parties, forts in the living room.  We would play freeze tag in the front yard and hide and seek in the back.  We would snuggle up at night and read book after book after book.  I would spend […]

Back to the Daily Grind

The thing about having time off for the holidays is this… eventually it comes to an end. Eventually, you have to get up and shower and put on clothes other than pajamas that are red and white and say “HO!HO!HO!” Eventually, you have to leave the house while the sun is still stretching from slumber […]

Bad Days and Toddler “Genius”

Yesterday was one of those days when for whatever reason, it seemed like everything was wrong. Do you know what I mean? It’s not like anything major actually GOES wrong… it’s just that it feels wrong. Your clothes fit funny, your hair doesn’t do right, you can’t run a mile on the treadmill because your […]

My Favorite Things

Although I “rationally” know that I should be encouraging my child to transition into his own bed, tucking him in and slipping out through the cracked door to allow both of us sound sleeping in separate beds… I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it.  Because right now, bedtime is the one time […]

Terrible Threes Strike Again

From the time he started at his current daycare, I’ve always about heard what a sweet kid J is.  He was (luckily) never a biter, never a hitter or pusher.  He didn’t start trouble, listened well, and gave hugs out like candy at Halloween. But lately, the reports have changed. Suddenly, I find myself picking […]


I remember loving Halloween when I was a child, but until yesterday, I had not seen any of that same love in my child.  Sure, he let me put on his costume and parade him around the house, or school, or maybe even to one or two houses where he felt comfortable, but he’d never […]

But Why?

Around 7:00 in the morning on Saturday, J entered into a new and … awesome?… phase. The “why” phase. I mean, I’ve heard people talk about kids and questions but J was never really one to ask me why when I told him to do something.  He always just bee-bopped along, doing his own thing […]

Bumps and Bruises

On Tuesday nights, I like to invite a couple of other moms over for dinner.  We keep it simple: spaghetti and garlic bread, sometimes a salad and sometimes dessert.  They come bearing toddlers the same age as J, and we watch as our kids run around like crazy and entertain the hell out of themselves […]

It’s Not Easy Being Three

You know that sound that Jim Carrey makes in Dumb and Dumber? The one that’s called the most annoying sound in the world? THAT is what my child sounds like these days. Almost constantly. Every “word” out of his mouth is drawn out into a four syllabled whine that starts in the lower octaves, races […]

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