This video right here. All of it. Because my kid is stupid cute.  Except sorry about the hair… it was a long day. And he needs hair cut.

Cradled in my Heart

Last night, I cradled my son in my heart.  I tucked him, soft and sweet, into his bed, waited while he fell asleep, then I picked him up in my mind’s arms and cradled him close in my heart, as I do every night, when I tiptoe from his room. I’ve been accused of babying […]

And a Happy Mother’s Day to you…

J and I have been battling a particularly nasty brand of stomach virus that leaves us both starving and, as yet, unable to eat effectively. So we’re both exhausted and annoyed and in general ready to wipe this right out of our lives.  Last night, I decided a 6:30 bedtime was in order so we […]

Mothering in the Workplace

Today I’m over at Liberating Working Moms, talking about why I think mothers make the best employees, bosses, and co-workers.  Take a peek at my post and let me know what YOU think…

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and I’m posting over at Liberating Working Moms today on the perils of work/life (or is it life/work) balance.  It’s a cold and semi-blustery day down here and I’m gearing up for one hell of a kid-free weekend.  Tonight I’m having a fancy dinner with a fellow divorced mom, tomorrow I’m running 10 […]

Blessing My Mess

This morning, I’m over at Liberating Working Moms, admitting that I can’t keep my house as clean as I used to.  I’ve got way too much on my plate these days… there’s barely enough time to get all my office work done, write on my blog, and play with my kid… so cleaning? Yeah. That’s […]

Superheroes, Balloons, and one Kick Ass Pool

On Saturday, we celebrated J’s third birthday.  This year’s “theme” was “Superheroes” per J’s request, which sparked so many ideas in my head that I went on a Pinterest spree and started pinning possible birthday ideas back in May.   The invitations were ordered from Pear Tree Greetings and featured J’s school picture which somehow looked […]

I Love my Dove®!

Now that I’ve started dating again, I’m spending a lot more time (and money) on feeling… well… pretty.  I get pedicures.  I strictly obey with the every 6 weeks haircut rule.  I spent a small fortune on brand name, look your best make up including all the special brushes that you see in a salon […]

Seven Minutes

You know that moment when you realize that your life is about to drastically change in all the wrong ways? Yeah. That moment happened this weekend. For almost the entirety of J’s young life, he has been a really good kid.  He listens … pretty well.  He obeys… most of the time.  He knows right […]

The Brutal Truth: Part Six

What on Earth would people think? That was my primary concern.  From the moment he proposed, I was a woman on a mission.  Husband, house, baby, career… I wanted it all.  Color me a two-story brick house with a side of white picket fence, apron around my waist and husband and dog running around the […]

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