The Angry Voice

One of the hardest things about being they type of attorney I am, is leaving work at the office. It tends to crawl into the trunk and back seat of my car or run along beside me, tapping at the window and whispering “What about this guy, is he okay? What about Mrs. so and […]

Crappy Sundays lead to Crappy Mondays

Sometimes Mondays just suck because they’re Monday and, you know, not Friday or Saturday or some other day that means you get to stay in your pajamas all day and act like you have nothing in the world to do. And sometimes Mondays suck because they follow a weekend that wasn’t quite what you had […]

This is How You Do It…

(Fist bump to Montell Jordan for the title, amiright?) Even before I became a single working mother, I always heard a lot of “I just don’t know how you do it” from women who worked from home as either a mother or an employee of this or that company. They seemed to think there was […]

Liberating Working Moms: Embracing the Perks

I’m over with the lovely ladies of Liberating Working Moms today, talking about the perks of working outside the home.  Because, yeah, let’s face it… there are DEFINITELY perks.  It’s not all doom and gloom and “Bring back my baby to meeeeee.” So stop by and read what I have to say there and stay […]

Liberating Working Moms from Mainstream Media

I’m on a rant over at Liberating Working Moms about who is portrayed as “successful” in working mother magazines.  I think it’s unfortunate that the media seems to think we only want to read about women who can afford live in help, the most expensive shoes and clothes, and vacations in Aspen (where the beer […]

Where I Admit to Drinking the Kool-Aid

I was never one to get too bogged down in office politics or high school politics or sorority, well, politics.  It’s not that I “go my own way” or anything, I just always assumed I wasn’t exactly the type to get picked first or last so I was content to reside in mediocrity when it […]

Working in Working Out

One of the hardest things for me during and after my divorce was/is this: although some people lose weight when they are upset or depressed, I gain.  I gain… a lot.  And over the course of the last year of my marriage and first few months of my divorce, I did just that… I GAINED. […]

Semi-Navigating The Doldrums

In high school, college and even in law school, we had a Spring Break.  It fell during the period between Christmas/New Year’s Eve and Easter … a welcome breather to break up the loooooong stretch of time between, well… breaks. Now that I’m out in “the real world” I crave a Spring Break. This long […]

I’m Somewhere Else…

Rather than try to bore you with the fact that I have nothing to say today, I’ll direct you to my contributor post over at Liberating Working Moms!  I’m coming clean about television… it’s time.

A Cry for Attention

At the end of the work day, I am exhausted. I spend all day answering questions, solving problems, and talking to all sorts of people.  The only thing I want to do when I leave the office is put on my pajamas, eat some dinner, and maybe watch a little television.  I just want to relax. Today, I […]

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