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I love Saturday mornings. Even this morning, when Mother Nature decided to mock me with my apparent over-fertility. (I mean, really? How can I go back to being on a regular cycle when I’m breast feeding?!?!) Saturday mornings mean that when J wakes up we can lie in bed and look at each other for a while. He usually does his funny little stretch and wrinkles up his face so much that he looks like Mr. Magoo! Then he will look at me and smile so big that I feel like my heart is going to explode. I love him all the time, but there’s just something special about Saturday mornings.

Today I put him in the Baby Bjorn for the first time in a long time so I could do some housework while hubby slept in. In his defense, hubby took care of J last night from 7 until 4 so I could get some sleep. In my defense, I was still PO’d about him sleeping in because, well, I don’t get to sleep in on the days I keep J at night! (which is, let’s face it, every other day.) But, I let him have his moment of glory and he slept until 10. During that time, I managed to play with J, run the dishwasher, make coffee (THANK YOU GOD), make and eat my breakfast, feed J, feed/water the dog, do two loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, dust the family room, and Windex all the glass table tops. During my cleaning spree, J fell asleep in the Bjorn which was adorable. (BIG surprise) He looked like a little rag doll just hanging out!

Now it’s lunch time and I’ve got so much to do to get this house in order I can’t even process. I wish the whole week could be as laid back and pleasant as the first few hours of a Saturday morning. Maybe someday when I win the lottery? Guess I better go grab a ticket….


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