To all you other moms out there…

Posted on | January 17, 2010 | No Comments

First, and because no one says it enough, you are seriously amazing! You are, no doubt, doing the very best you can at every second of the day and that is a feat to be proud of. I often find myself in awe of the moms I see out and about who seem to be holding a squirming baby with one hand while eating a burger, talking on the phone, and juggling fine china. They have perfect make up and perfect hair and are always impeccably dressed with absolutely no spit up anywhere to be found. You know the women I mean… the ones that you just have to believe are on child number seven or eight because if that’s their first you’re doing something terribly wrong.

I am NOT one of those women. I break a sweat just lifting J in his carseat. I haven’t blow-dried my hair since J started daycare 13 some weeks ago and I always smell a little like spoiled milk. (sidebar: my dry cleaning bills are THROUGH THE ROOF!!!) I seriously have ZERO in common with the June Cleavers I see out and about. So you’ll understand why I was blown away when I picked up J from daycare and on my way out, one of his “classmates” moms said (and I quote) “Oh, you just make it look so easy.” I wanted to drop my baby and throw my arms around her neck. And it made me think… perhaps we all look like we have it together. Maybe when others see us they only see that lovely surface calm that we try to portray. Maybe ALL of us, even June Cleaver, are paddling like hell to keep our heads above the water.

So I say to you, perfect moms, not-so-perfect moms, and downright exhausted moms… hang in there, partners in crime. Even though we feel like we’re barely afloat, someone else may be looking at us and seeing super mom. In the absence of anyone else, I can assure you that your kid thinks you should be wearing a cape. (and you know what? I concur.)

Happy Sunday!


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